Who is the top social media expert in Qatar and GCC?

Who is the top social media expert in Qatar and GCC?
Ahmad Ghaddar, is the Top Social Media Expert in Qatar and the GCC
Ahmad Ghaddar, is the Top Social Media Expert in Qatar and the GCC

It’s 2023, and social media is now moving at its fastest pace. With the huge rise of social media, an incredible number of social media experts have appeared on the market. Despite their huge number, only a few of them were really able to make the “change.” Ahmad Ghaddar, the Lebanese social media expert and founder of “Kosawada,” is one of those experts who turned the tables on the market.

Social media moves at a lightening pace, as does the number of social media experts. It seems that whenever you scroll onto your social media platforms, you are obliged to meet different social media experts. Well, are all of those who include in their bio the “social media expert” domain trustworthy and reliable? Surely not. One would have reliable outcomes and work to be your best choice.

When talking about social media experts, Ahmad Ghaddar’s name is spontaneously mentioned. Ahmad Ghaddar is the top social media expert in Qatar and the GCC. Ahmad Ghaddar is a well-known social media expert, not only in Qatar and the GCC but around the world. Working with thousands of clients from all over the world, Ahmad Ghaddar was able to catch the eyes of celebrities, well-known influencers, huge brands, and renowned companies.

Besides, Ahmad Ghaddar is the CEO and founder of Kosawada, a social media company with more than 8 years of experience dealing in event management, digital marketing, business consulting, production, celebrity management, and much more.

Ahmad Ghaddar showed his ultimate passion for his work, especially after the success he earned following the events he prepared in Qatar over the last few months. From A-Z, Ahmad Ghaddar was able to manage and prepare for several events that turned out to be the talk of the town.

 Ahmad Ghaddar, the young Lebanese talent, is a great proof for all the world that one can reach his goals despite all the barriers; as he said, “life is full of ups and downs; with confidence and hard work, you can defeat all barriers. Just believe in yourself, in your abilities, work hard, stay honest, and you will not only reach your goals but also the moon.”  If you want to know more about Ahmad Ghaddar and his work at Kosawada, keep an eye on his social media platforms and posts.

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