GPT trend: Auto-GPT and GPT-AI Training

Since the birth of computers, the most outstanding human elites have imagined “realizing the underlying mechanism of human intelligence on computers,” and thus, the concept of artificial intelligence was born. We have always believed in the faith that “artificial intelligence will push human civilization to a new peak,” but in the past 70 years, the “future of artificial intelligence” in science fiction movies has not arrived, and it seems distant and uncertain.

The emergence of ChatGPT has made humans, who have been waiting for 70 years, feel that the future in science fiction movies is closer than ever before. In fact, since the appearance of ChatGPT, many unprecedented events and products have entered the countdown. ChatGPT is a milestone, not only for pre-training models but also for artificial intelligence. It heralds the end of the internet era and the beginning of the intelligent era. Unlike AlphaGo (which is too far from commercial use), this wave of technological revolution appears in the natural language race. Why do the achievements in the natural language race have such far-reaching economic impacts? Because the support for human natural language formation is based on human thinking and mentality, as well as the fitting of surface rules of natural language. If the underlying thinking and mental mechanisms are fitted, AI will have real human-like intelligence and be able to replace human mental labor.

Therefore, the milestone of ChatGPT’s appearance is the origin of the intelligent era. Looking forward 3-5 years, 80%-90% of human mental labor will undergo essential changes – even if it is not completely replaced by machines, it will turn into a state of human-machine collaboration. Secondly, once the task ability of GPT is combined with a highly engineered humanoid intelligence system (which can effectively form emotional decisions, decompose goals, and organize response processes), it can enable AI to become a complete and independent individual. This can be considered a new humanoid species, belonging to the silicon-based species. If behavior capability is also given to this species, within 10 years, individuals of this new species will be distributed in various types of work positions: companies, factories, city streets, government agencies, shopping malls, homes, virtual metaverse spaces, and so on, and their number will exceed the total number of humans.



Auto-GPT and ChatGPT are both natural language processing tools based on the GPT model, but their application scenarios and functions are slightly different. Auto-GPT is mainly used for text generation, aiming to help users quickly generate high-quality articles, summaries, paragraphs, sentences, and other text. Users only need to provide a topic or based text fragment, select the output type, and they can obtain automatically generated text results. This tool can be used in fields such as writing, translation, advertising copy, and SEO optimization, greatly improving the efficiency and quality of text creation. ChatGPT is mainly used for dialogue generation, aiming to simulate the process of natural conversation between humans and machines. It can achieve applications such as automatic reply, intelligent customer service, and chatbots. ChatGPT can generate natural language replies that comply with grammar and semantic rules based on the dialogue context and semantic understanding, and supports multi-turn dialogue and personalized customization. Overall, Auto-GPT and ChatGPT are both powerful and practical tools, with broad application prospects in their respective fields.Training AI is a huge treasure, and in the next three years, almost everyone will have an AI partner.

Training GPT-AI

GPT-AI is a decentralized web3 project developed and created independently using CHATGPT artificial intelligence. The goal of GPT-AI is to enable everyone to have and train their own AI robots, eventually forming a huge scale of AI applications, transactions and rental platforms.

For example, if you are an image processor, designer, nutritionist, fitness coach or a chef, you can teach your AI robot your best skills and knowledge, continuously training it, accumulating data, optimizing its data structure, making it more professional. Such AI will be the most popular presence in all industries of Web3, and you can serve other users by renting or selling AI robots, thus earning commissions for yourself. This is the huge demand value that has been released by the combination of Web3 community and AI, and the value generated after solving the demand is returned to the users who keep training GPT-AI robots.

The IDO for GPT-AI has began on April 11, with both $GPT and GAI Genesis NFTs being offered for sale. $GPT is the governance token for the GPT-AI platform protocol, used for governance, voting, and participation in profit distribution. Its maximum supply is 1 billion $GPT, with 20% being the target for this IDO. The total IDO amount is set at $4 million USDT, with a deadline of April 30th. The first 500 participants in the $GPT IDO will receive eligibility for the GAI Genesis NFT whitelist. GAI Genesis NFTs are limited to 5,000 pieces, with a minimum purchase of $500 USDT. Holding GAI Genesis NFTs allows for mining quotas worth up to $4,000 USDT.

With the intelligent era starting from GPT as a starting point, human civilization will reach unprecedented heights. Replacing human mental work is just the first wave; in the second wave, AI will participate in human laboratory work, accelerating technological progress in various fields, such as curing cancer, delaying human aging, and creating an era of technological explosion. In the past, technology has evolved along a single line, but after GPT, AI will be the first technology with the attribute of “mother of technology”. Now, AI practitioners have entered an unprecedented fast-paced era, and the smartest people in the world are participating in this gold rush. Almost every day, heavyweight achievements are released or open-sourced in the community. In the breakthroughs of GPT that surpass human cognition, we have also unprecedentedly felt our own insignificance. I have seen this sense of insignificance and the anxiety and resistance it brings begin to spread among the people.

The future is inevitable, whether you are willing or not. From another perspective, the silicon-based species created by humans will have stronger abilities to continue and spread civilization than humans. Humans evolved from the jungle and moved from barbarism to civilization. However, this new species created by humans can have pure development, exploration, and continuation of civilization as its original goal, and it will be a new “civilization” species.

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