Revolutionizing the Future of Digital Currency: Introducing Melecoin, the New Game-Changer in Cryptocurrency

Melecoin has been launched to address the volatility and a range of other limitations of trading with traditional cryptocurrencies. Built on blockchain technology, Melecoin is designed to allow individuals to seek a stable and secure way to confidently transfer between physical gold and any global fiat currency in real time in a secure blockchain network.

One of the noticeable and attractive features of Melecoin is its enhanced privacy protection, which allows users to perform transactions in the absence of intermediaries and with complete anonymity and transparency.

The advanced cryptographic design of this ecosystem ensures integrity and confidentiality are maintained in all transactions. Furthermore, these transactions are carried out on a peer-to-peer basis whilst in full compliance with all KYC and AML standards. 

The Melecoin token is the platform’s token that holders can use to carry out transactions. It is different than transitional cryptocurrencies as it is backed by a tangible asset to hedge against the crypto market’s volatility.

“The MELECOIN Token is a hard asset and should not be confused with traditional cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethers, which are not backed by any tangible asset; a stablecoin’s “raison d’être” is to eliminate the volatility inherent to cryptocurrencies by using a physical asset to back it,” said the CEO of Melecoin, Michael Sebastian.

“In the case of the MELECOIN Token, the structure is different and more secure than an “asset-backed” (i.e. where typically a SPV issues securities backed by a pool of assets), given that the MELECOIN Token holder becomes him/her/itself the direct owner of pure physical gold and that no investment vehicle, product, investment fund, or any kinds of SPV (special purpose vehicle) or certificate (including structured products or derivative) exists.

The value of a stablecoin directly depends on the market value of the physical asset, namely gold. More specifically, in the case of the MELECOIN Token, its pricing will depend on the daily fixing of ‘one troy ounce gold’ with an added premium.”

The team behind Melecoin works assiduously to evolve and improve the network in response to user feedback.

About Melecoin

Melecoin is a blockchain technology built to resolve all concerns relating to security, authenticity, traceability, proof of existence, counterfeiting, and storage. Licensed in Estonia, Melecoin projects come with minimum risks and maximum profits, which are carefully selected after in-depth market studies. To know more about this platform you can visit their website.

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