ROLZO Allows Professionals to Offer VIP Travelers Exceptional Travel Experience Anywhere in the World

ROLZO takes discerning travelers from doorstep to destination and back. Using powerful technology and unwavering client dedication, they’ve quickly gained a reputation as a game-changer in the travel industry.

ROLZO is revolutionizing how affluent individuals travel the world with door-to-door journey services. Using an all-in-one place booking platform, clients can book chauffeur services, car rentals, and VIP Meet & Greet across 100 countries, 500 cities, and 1,000 airports globally.

Launched in 2020, ROLZO made an immediate impact, impressing travel advisors, lifestyle managers, private jet brokers, head concierges, and event managers at the world’s most respected organizations (American Express, Quintessentially, and Tiffany & Co. — to name a few.) The reaction is always the same, with clients consistently describing it as a “game changer,” “lifesaver,” and “where have you been all my life” type of service.

The luxury travel tech start-up provides a new way of travel. Each journey is an experience like no other, combining state-of-the-art technology and hyper-personalized service.

Door-to-door journeys for a 360-travel experience

When a service is tailored to meet the needs of royalty, industry leaders, celebrities, and artists alike, only the very best will do. Clients can expect to arrive at their destinations in the newest, top-of-the-range vehicles, complete with extra legroom, luxurious leather seating, and a range of cutting-edge features.

Whether traveling for business or leisure, journeys can be booked within seconds and anywhere in the world. For example, if anyone is a head concierge at a hotel, they can use the ROLZO platform to organize chauffeur services, car rental, or VIP Meet and Greet for their guests, giving them a 5-Star travel experience alongside their 5-Star stay.

What sets ROLZO apart is their commitment to exceptional service: no detail is too small, and the art of hospitality is at the heart of everything they do. Their commitment to personalization is evident in how each journey is tailored to the client’s preferences. From the choice of chauffeur to the car model, color, and even the brand of water or coffee onboard, ROLZO goes the extra mile to ensure that every aspect of their client’s experience is perfect.

Combining powerful technology and a hyper-personal touch

Underpinning all of this is the ROLZO platform, which combines pioneering technology with personalized service to provide end-to-end, effortless journeys. It’s this unique blend that has revolutionized how discerning travelers get from A to B.

ROLZO pushes the limits of innovation balanced by a distinctly human touch. Using data, analytics, AI, and automation, they’re able to create customized experiences that are catered to each client. They have reimagined and simplified how car services are booked across borders and every interaction along the way:

–  A single platform to book door-to-door travel with chauffeur services, car rentals, and VIP Meet & Greet seamlessly integrated.
–  24/7 access to a dedicated and multi-lingual team of travel experts for immediate assistance with last-minute requests, changes in requirements, and more.
–  Advanced mapping and traffic algorithms to ensure timely journeys for even the most complex of itineraries in remote destinations.
–  Real-time updates with notifications for when the passenger is collected, en route, and dropped off using tracking technology.
–  White labeling booking options to make clients’ brand shine at every touch point on the app, including the booking documents, the pick-up signs, and more.
–  APIs to give third-party clients instant access to ROLZO services within their own platforms.

Leading organizations use ROLZO to elevate their clients’ journeys.

Being able to efficiently organize car services for the world’s most affluent individuals is no easy feat. Not only is there zero room for error, but searching, vetting, and working with multiple partners in different parts of the world can be tiresome and risky.

In a landscape that is often unpredictable in terms of quality and reliability, ROLZO has taken its unique approach to restore peace of mind and provide access to an unmatched vehicle range and flexible booking options for professionals in Travel, Lifestyle Management, Hospitality, Private Aviation, Luxury Retail, and Events — giving them the power to offer their VIP travelers an exceptional travel experience every time and anywhere in the world.

“We are completely obsessed! All our clients now use ROLZO. The platform is extremely user-friendly, and the team support is outstanding. We’ve told so many other travel advisors that they must use ROLZO.” Erin Trager-Kusman of SmartFlyer, ROLZO’s client, states.

ROLZO has revolutionized door-to-door travel, allowing professionals to curate exceptional travel experiences for their affluent clients globally.

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