Mold Solutions: On a Mission to Fight All Types of Molds in Tampa Bay Homes

Mold can be a silent, insidious problem – but families in Tampa Bay don’t have to suffer its effects any longer. Mold Solutions is leading the fight against toxic mold with innovative solutions that address the cause of contaminated air in homes and businesses. Combining mold remediation with HVAC services through a licensed HVAC sister company, their team is dedicated to providing a comprehensive solution for those suffering from this health threat.

Founded by Brandon Faust, Mold Solutions is a business highly regarded for their professional solutions to help rid households of mold and its consequences. With over 100 five star reviews on GoogleTM, it’s clear that they take their craft seriously.  Faust has gone through his own mold toxicity nightmares, first with his newborn son and 2 years later, personally, when mold was hiding behind his master bedroom walls.  After these experiences, Faust has made it his personal mission to educate families on the dangers of mold and make homes safer and healthier using his mold fighting knowledge.

Mold isn’t just an eyesore; it can also cause severe health issues, such as headaches, joint aches, upper respiratory issues, asthma, fatigue, rashes and itchy eyes.

That’s why Faust has invested heavily in becoming highly certified in the area of mold remediation and assessment. He holds certifications from the National Organization of Microbial Remediators and Inspectors, including the Certified Mold Remediator Mold the Certified Sanitizing Professional Training Program; and from the Certified Advanced Indoor Air Quality Assessor program (in which he trained directly under Doug Hoffman—the Executive Director of NORMI). Faust took it one step further, and trained directly under Michael Pinto, a renowned trainer in the Mold Remediation world, and is now one of 50 people certified for Remediation for Sensitized Individuals.

In addition to his certifications with NORMI Faust has also trained in Water Damage and Drying through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification also known as the IICRC,

The first step for Mold Solutions is to identify potential sources of mold inside the building envelope, such as contaminated air handlers and duct work. Next, they employ traditional remediation techniques, as well as an atomized sanitization method to detoxify impacted spaces. Their processes are also totally pet and family-friendly so all homes can be safely treated.

This two-pronged approach ensures that all areas are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, giving customers peace of mind knowing that no trace of harmful toxins remain.  Families throughout Tampa Bay can now experience breathable air without the worry of dangerous particles inside their homes or places of business.

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