SKIDOS’ New App Update Presents a Whole Set of Exciting New Features to take Fun Learning to a New Level for Kids 

SKIDOS’ New App Update Presents a Whole Set of Exciting New Features to take Fun Learning to a New Level for Kids 
Developed by skilled educators, SKIDOS learning games for kids aged 3+ years now boast of some remarkable new features

SKIDOS, a leading platform that offers learning games for kids, has recently released its long-awaited Update 7.0 for its iOS games. The innovative fun-learning approach adopted by these apps is specifically designed to help kids learn Math, tracing, and Early literacy skills within a super-exciting gaming universe. With its latest update, the apps now offer a wide range of new features, including math tutorials, 20 inclusive avatars, friendlier animations, and special screen breaks for stress-free learning experiences.

The exciting new Math tutorials have been designed by real educators with the intention of making the Math learning experience a joyful and super engaging one. In addition to that, the update also pays attention to ‘school stress’, a phenomenon where kids get frustrated with the learning process. So the math games for kids now include thoughtfully-designed breathing and stretching screen breaks, to help kids refocus and relax. This helps kids learn how making mistakes is a natural part of the learning process, and the importance of taking a mental health break.

Furthermore, inclusivity is also a strong focus in the new SKIDOS Update. To ensure everyone gets equal opportunity to be seen, SKIDOS games now come with over 20 new avatars that represent a diverse range of cultures, special abilities, and ethinicities. By incorporating these avatars, SKIDOS aims to foster a sense of belonging and positivity among all young learners. Kids can choose their own avatars to represent their profiles in the apps.

Aditya Prakash, the CEO and founder of SKIDOS, commented on the new update- “We believe that every child should feel represented in their educational journey. Our new avatars are a reflection of our commitment to creating an inclusive learning environment that embraces and celebrates our diverse user base.”

Finally, to help build and nurture a healthy and positive love for learning and create a connect between the parents and the kids, SKIDOS apps now have two new features – a comprehensive monthly learning reportthrough which the parents can track the learning progress of the kids and the all-new celebratory ‘Kudos’ feature, where parents can motivate and encourage their kids to keep learning and growing by becoming their cheerleaders. The Kudos feature lets parents celebrate their kids’ wins. When kids receive positive feedback for their efforts, they feel valued, and appreciated, motivating them to continue trying their best. This helps them tackle challenges easily. Along with their friendly mascots, the features in this new update are sure to turn screen time into an educational and entertaining experience for kids. 

The new update is already launched on the most-loved SKIDOS games like Doctor, Bath, Bike Racing, and Street Soccer in the app store. To experience the same, you can download these games for free or subscribe to SKIDOS Pass which lets you create multiple kid profiles in one account, and enjoy over 40+ learning gaming apps with unending learning activities.


SKIDOS is an award-winning company that creates kids learning games. Since its inception in 2015, SKIDOS has been dedicated to fostering creativity, critical thinking, and joyful learning. The company was founded by Aditya Prakash (a.k.a Adi) and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. SKIDOS has the vision to transform the way kids learn, play, and imagine, empowering them to become confident learners of the future. Currently, SKIDOS offers unlimited access to 40+ learning gaming apps designed for kids aged 3 to 11. These games are available in 14 different languages and can be accessed on both iOS and Android platforms.

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