Humanity For Freedom: A New Global Voice For Freedom Arises In The Urgent Fight Against Authoritarianism

Ukrainian government supports launch of new international organization – highlighting President Zelenskyy’s bravery and Ukraine’s fight against authoritarianism.

Humanity for Freedom, a new global nonprofit led by US political advocate Dane Waters and world-renowned filmmaker Aaron Kaufman, launched today with the mission of aiding in the fight against authoritarian governments through their educational and advocacy work.

Humanity for Freedom’s global kick-off event, ’72 Hours for Freedom,’ will feature screenings around the world of codirectors Sean Penn and Aaron Kaufman’s documentary Superpower. The film offers viewers an inside look at the people for whom Humanity for Freedom is fighting and lifts up the heroism of Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The event covers six continents in over a dozen countries in just 72 hours, starting in London on June 6 and finishing in Washington DC on June 8. Other cities will include Rome, Tbilisi, Sofia, Abuja, Tokyo, Sydney and Buenos Aires.

Supporting the initiative, spokesperson for President Zelenskyy’s office, Andrii Yermak said: ‘’Freedom and justice. That’s what Ukraine is fighting for. And we are glad to welcome Sean Penn and Humanity for Freedom for standing with us defending these values and making a prominent impact to spread the truth about the Russian brutal aggression worldwide’’ A profile of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his wartime leadership, Superpower was made over the past year while Penn and Kaufman made six trips to the country. As a work in progress, the documentary was the Berlinale Special Gala film at the 2023 Berlin International Film Festival where it received a moving standing ovation and strong reviews.

Sean Penn said: ‘’Humanity for Freedom and Superpower share an intention to lift up voices of hope and raise awareness around Ukraine’s urgent fight for freedom and justice.’

Aaron Kaufman added: ‘’I am proud to be using our film to bring attention to the atrocities being endured in Ukraine. Superpower depicts a leader that represents the best of his people: resilient, strong and fiercely independent. Ukraine will, with the worlds help, ensure that freedom prevails.’’ Oleksandr Kamyshin, Ukraine Minister of Strategic Industries added: ‘’As we keep fighting Russians out of Ukraine, we are fortunate to have a true partner in Humanity for Freedom. Their efforts to return our children from the clutches of Putin and their loud voice for continued world support for our freedom makes them invaluable to Ukraine.’’

Ukraine Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said: ‘’They are on the front lines demanding our stolen children are returned from Russia and Putin and his allies are brought to justice for the crime of aggression and other related crimes. The people of Ukraine will always appreciate Sean Penn and Humanity for Freedom’s loud calls around the globe for more support for our soldiers and citizens.’’

Humanity for Freedom President Dane Waters said: “The mission of Humanity for Freedom is clear – we must stop the erosion of freedom. Ukraine is the battlefield, physically and metaphorically, for this generational battle. Standing before us is a simple question: which side are we on? The side of peace and humanity, or violence and hatred? If we fail to pick wisely, the erosion of freedom, globally, will be impossible to halt,” Waters said. “A few short years ago, no Ukrainian would have believed that their neighborhoods would be the backdrops to war crimes, to children being stolen from their loving parents, to death and destruction at every turning.”

About Humanity for Freedom

A global nonprofit organization, Humanity for Freedom seeks to educate all people about the increasing threats to our freedom from authoritarian governments and movements across the world, with the purpose of pushing back those threats and helping secure freedom’s future.

Ongoing activities by Humanity for Freedom will include global multimedia communication outreach drawing attention to attacks on freedom by authoritarians, working to counter the global threat of the Wagner group, implementing efforts to help bring Ukraine’s stolen children back from Russia and supporting those courageous advocates and leaders who are standing up to them on behalf of the rights and liberties of us all.

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