Activation – The School of Fashion at Dalian Polytechnic University Debutes at China Graduate Fashion Week

On May 20, 2023 at 14:00, the School of Fashion at Dalian Polytechnic University held a grand press conference for the 2023 Excellent Graduation Design Works in the first workshop of 751D · PARK. The theme of this release was “Activation” – Activating Tradition and Technology, Fashion and Health, Present and Future.


23 prospective designers brought 79 sets of works, interpreting the optimistic and vibrant positive attitudes of young people from multiple dimensions such as tradition, culture, technology, functionality, aesthetics, etc. through three chapters.

Activate the thinking limitations of time and space, detach and reflect from popular appearances, think about the boundary between clothing and the human body, stimulate the creative potential of the Generation Z, and activate infinite exploration of nature and the metaverse.


The School of Fashion at Dalian Polytechnic University is deeply promoting the interdisciplinary construction under the perspective of new humanities. The team of teachers and students is working together to constantly try to break the boundaries of traditional disciplines, expand new horizons, and stimulate the internal driving force of the integration and interdependence of various majors. This not only fundamentally transforms design, but also promotes students’ thinking and creativity to further break free from constraints, and firmly move forward and explore in the intersection and integration, inheritance and innovation.


Graduates strive to overcome numerous difficulties during their studies, persist in pursuing their design ideals, and never give up their love and original aspirations for their profession. The theme of this graduation project is “activation”, which is also the encouragement of these excellent students before entering a new journey. They have persisted for four years, accumulated knowledge and made progress, faced challenges with unwavering courage, activated the future, and paved a bright future with unconventional creativity.

The School of Fashion at Dalian Polytechnic University was established in 1985 and currently offers four undergraduate majors: Fashion and Fashion Design, Fashion Design and Engineering, Performance and Digital Media Technology. It has master’s degrees in three disciplines: Textile Science and Engineering, Design, and Fine Arts, as well as the right to confer doctoral degrees in Textile Science and Engineering. The school has advantageous resources such as a national experimental teaching demonstration center, a national talent cultivation model innovation experimental zone, a national comprehensive reform pilot for majors, a national characteristic specialty construction point, and a provincial-level key laboratory. It has been awarded multiple titles by the Ministry of Education, such as the National Advanced Collective of the Education System and the Top Ten Fashion Schools in China.


In the past five years, it has been approved as one national first-class undergraduate major construction site, 18 national and provincial first-class undergraduate courses, and one national industry education integration innovation platform. From 2013 to 2022, it has been awarded the “China Fashion Design Newcomer Award” and the “Education Award” by the university for 10 consecutive years.

Against the backdrop of the rapid development of the virtual economy, the teaching and research team of the School of Fashion at Dalian Polytechnic University has re-examined and reflected on the connotation and extension of design in the new era, focusing on the national innovation driven strategy and the development of the Liaoning regional economy, accelerating the digital and international transformation, exploring design education concepts, values, and practical methods that adapt to the social innovation paradigm. The school is constructing a knowledge upgrading and cross-border comprehensive design practice training system from the perspective of new humanities, cultivating high-quality composite applied talents with innovative spirit and international perspective.

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