The book ‘Illusion’ by Raj Kumar Sharma attempts to bring ‘self realisation’ among the youth of today

The book 'Illusion' by Raj Kumar Sharma attempts to bring ‘self realisation’ among the youth of today

Engulfed with circumstantial contemporary problems, the adolescence period of youth becomes challenging and risky due to the communicable gap between them, their elders and surroundings. This tale is a comprehensive index of uncertainty in futuristic pattern of life of modern youth which may sometimes lead to dismay, disgust and distress due to social isolation in lifelong voyage while projecting for identity. The author tries to highlight these issues through this piece of work, and has daringly taken an attempt to bring ‘self realisation’ among the youth to understand the difference between materialistic world and virtual practicable life and tailor accordingly to be a good citizen. This thought process has been coherently narrated through a social speculative fiction “Illusion”. The lead character ‘Kumbha’, a history graduate and a highly emotional young boy in his middle adolescence, is in conflict with the thought “love for life or love is life!” In an imbalanced state of mind, he left the kith-and-kin in search of a place where he can sit on the ground under the vast open sky of awareness to have self realisation by understanding changes in explorative and emotive behaviours during the transition into and out of adolescence.

His vagabond path of voyage leads him to a place ‘Hampi’ where the reminiscence of the Hindu civilization is counting the days in the form of stony sculptures for centuries. But in a surprise meeting with ‘Malini’, an angel-like lady as if emerged out of the stony   fairy sculptures, peels away his fabricated layers of illusion to understand the true self and hence the truth of real life.

Raj Kumar Sharma is a versatile person whose career encompassed several activities related to bringing reformation to social and community structure and function. Mr. Raj has pursued Master’s in Political Science from the highly reputed Panjab University, India. He also has reasonably good experience in regional screenplays, and he has assumed a lead role in a movie. He writes books on contemporary youth problems related to insecurity about their thought processes and, how unconsciously the society wants to impose norms, customs, advertisements as role models on youth, believing that they are our own goals but actually they aren’t. His first book on the drug mafia and indulgence of youth appeared in the market, titled “Sailing Against the Wind”. Encouraged by the readers’ feedback, he decided to pursue his writing on the plight of youth in the depression leading to unpredictable risk factor for future. Besides his social reformation attitude, he loves to play and has achieved national and international fame in the world of Table Tennis by winning a Bronze medal in the South Asian Veteran Table Tennis in 2017, held at Sri Lanka.

Published by White Falcon Publishing, the book is available for sale in India and internationally. It is available in English and Hindi languages.

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