Interhash commits to planting a tree for every ASIC sold in June

Alexander Lozben, the founder of Interhash stated that the company will plant a tree for each ASIC sold. Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) miners serve as the primary instruments for mining various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, by leveraging the SHA-256 algorithm. Interhash, as a prominent provider in the industry, offers a diverse array of ASIC miners that exhibit exceptional performance capabilities and notable energy efficiency characteristics.

Alexander Lozben, a prominent name in the field of cryptocurrencies, possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in financial technology. Furthermore, he is an accomplished IT entrepreneur who has established his own company, Interhash. Lozben’s company, Interhash stands as one of the most prominent suppliers of mining equipment within the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), boasting a substantial market presence.

Recently, Alexander Lozben took to his Twitter profile to unveil a noteworthy initiative. Under this new endeavor, Interhash has pledged to plant a tree for every ASIC sold during the month of June. Interhash takes great pride in offering cutting-edge ASIC products specifically designed for cryptocurrency mining purposes, with a particular focus on renowned digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Many people think that mining harms the environment, but Interhash chooses only those places where electricity is generated from renewable sources. At the same time, we of course see that not all energy is “green,” and that many miners really cannot follow the same principles,” Lozben stated. “I sincerely believe that since the company earns using natural resources, it should take care of the environment and be environmentally responsible. Planting trees is the least we can do. And let this be a good start.” He stated.

In light of prevailing perceptions that mining activities exert detrimental effects on the environment, Interhash has adopted a meticulous approach by selecting locations where electricity generation stems from renewable sources. Nevertheless, Alexander Lozben and Interhash acknowledge the reality that not all energy sources used by miners align with these environmentally friendly principles.

Based on a deep-rooted belief that a company that profits from natural resources should shoulder the responsibility of preserving the environment, Alexander genuinely embraces the notion of environmental protection. In this regard, he regards tree planting as the bare minimum in terms of environmental conservation efforts and perceives it as a promising starting point for a better change.

This campaign, as announced by Alexander Lozben, holds the potential not only to enhance the company’s visibility and attract fresh investments but also to foster public awareness regarding the paramount significance of nurturing nature and safeguarding the environment.

About Interhash:

Interhash was founded by Alexander Lozben, an IT entrepreneur. Interhash provides ASIC miners, which serve as the main tool for mining cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. Interhash offers an extensive selection of ASIC miners that exhibit exceptional performance capabilities and notable energy efficiency. The range of devices by Interhash supports the key cryptocurrency algorithms and boasts reliability and stability. Furthermore, they possess the capability to upgrade firmware to accommodate new algorithms and enhance performance.

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