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Aerobic fitness equipment includes: treadmill, stationary bike, step machine, elliptical machine, step machine, spinning cycle, rowing machine, handstand machine, physical fitness all-in-one machine, badminton equipment, table tennis equipment and some other auxiliary aerobic exercise equipment.

Folding treadmill

Advantages: Running is the most basic human movement, treadmill exercise can make the body to achieve a comprehensive training effect.

Limitations: Running puts a certain amount of pressure on joints, and poses a certain risk for people with knee and hip injuries or the elderly. Relatively loud noise; Subjective fatigue in exercise is stronger.

Conclusion: There is a certain risk.

Folding mountaineer

Advantages: Effective in helping the body burn calories; It has good shaping effect on thighs and buttocks.

Limitations: You need to pace your steps well and adjust your resistance well, otherwise you can increase pressure on your lower back and cause muscle damage. The upper limbs are not involved in any exercise during the exercise.

Summary: There are upper extremity limitations.

Folding stationary bicycle

Advantages: Effective in helping the body burn calories; The pressure on the ankle is less than that on the treadmill, so it has higher safety; Compared with other aerobic machines, stationary bicycles have a smaller footprint; Leg shaping effect is better.

Limitations: single training mode; The upper limbs are not involved in any exercise during the exercise.

Summary: Single form, easy to form a sense of boredom.

Folding rowing machine

Advantages: Can let the whole body muscles get a good exercise; More interesting.

Limitations: It takes time to get familiar with and master the correct technique. Resistance regulation is not easy to cause muscle strain. Note that you need to stop to adjust resistance during training. Compared with other aerobic instruments, it covers a larger area.

Bottom line: Tricks are not easy to master.

Folding elliptical machine

Advantage: A combination of walking, stair climbing, cycling and skiing. Can exercise the coordination of the upper and lower limbs. The exercise has little pressure on the joints. It is an exercise equipment suitable for all ages. Less noise.

Limitations: There are certain limitations on the Angle and mode of lower limb movement.

Conclusion: It has lower extremity limitation.

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