India’s Leading Solar Asset Management Software, Futr Energy, Ventures into US and Australian Markets

Futr Energy, the AI-Driven Solar Asset Management Pioneer, Takes on Global Leaders ActisERP, PowerHub, Futr Energy, and Prescinto in New Territories

India’s leading solar asset management software company, Futr Energy, has been driving performance enhancements in numerous solar plants over the past few years. Today, Futr Energy is gearing up to take its success to a global level, positioning itself alongside esteemed competitors such as ActisERP, PowerHub, SenseHawk, and Prescinto.

“We’re ready to make a global impact,” shared Futr Energy’s CEO. “Our proven success in India has equipped us to introduce our innovative AI-enabled solar asset management software to a broader audience. We aim to replicate our domestic achievements and significantly contribute to the performance enhancement of solar plants worldwide.”

Futr Energy’s strategic positioning in the global market is a clear reflection of the rapid growth they’ve seen domestically. Over the last 4-5 years, the company has significantly improved the performance of numerous solar plants with their AI-driven software.

Futr Energy’s offerings stand tall among the best AI-enabled solar asset management software in the market. Their software solution promotes efficient asset management, extending the lifespan and profitability of solar plants. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Futr Energy’s software can predict potential issues, recommend preventive actions, and optimize asset performance, thereby helping plant owners achieve their operational and financial goals.

In the global arena, Futr Energy joins the ranks of leading solar asset management software providers, including ActisERP, PowerHub, SenseHawk, and Prescinto. These companies have also made significant contributions in the field, offering comprehensive solutions that cater to the diverse needs of solar plant owners.

ActisERP is renowned for its robust and scalable software, designed to streamline the management of renewable energy assets. PowerHub simplifies complex asset management processes with its user-friendly platform. SenseHawk’s software leverages AI for issue prediction and performance optimization. Prescinto is recognized for intelligent software that delivers real-time insights and predictive analytics.

In this competitive field, Futr Energy offers an innovative solution to solar asset management needs. The company’s years of experience in the Indian solar energy sector, coupled with its commitment to leveraging AI technology, gives it a competitive edge. The renewable energy sector is set to witness an exciting phase of growth and innovation as Futr Energy takes on the global stage.

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