A.I. Meets Auto: Sydney Man’s Innovative ‘Hoon GPT’ Project Puts ChatGPT In The Driver’s Seat

Utilizing the power of A.I. in the form of ChatGPT, Michael Costin has developed Hoon GPT to instruct him on how to modify a car. He’ll be putting this modern technology to the test by letting it guide him on the project of a lifetime.

The first thing most people do when making changes to their car, or even giving it a tune-up, is finding a trusted mechanic to take a look. Most don’t have the knowledge necessary to really make changes to a car without getting training. But why can’t modern technology bridge this knowledge gap?  

Michael Costin, a 38-year-old digital marketing specialist and car enthusiast from Sydney, Australia, is combining his love for technology and automobiles in a groundbreaking project dubbed “Hoon GPT.” Leveraging the cutting-edge artificial intelligence capabilities of ChatGPT, Costin is modifying his 2019 Skoda Superb Sportline 206 TSI to improve performance, aesthetics, and engine sound, all within a budget of $20,000 and an anticipated timeline of three months. 

The Hoon GPT Project 

Although he has never modified a modern car before, Costin trusts ChatGPT’s recommendations, which include performance tunes, exhaust and air intake system upgrades, and aesthetic enhancements. 

ChatGPT has provided Costin with a seven-step plan, prioritized by impact, and an itemized budget of $15.6k, leaving room for flexibility within the overall budget of $20,000. The A.I.’s recommendations have been insightful and comprehensive, with estimated improvements in power, torque, and 0-100 km/h after completing the recommended modifications. 

“I love cars and know a little, but certainly not enough to plan out something like this without a tonne of research, hours on the web watching YouTube and Googling things,” said Costin. “So I’m just handing the driver’s seat to ChatGPT and doing everything it says and crossing my fingers it turns out well.” 

Over the next three months, anyone can follow along on Costin’s journey with the guidance of ChatGPT through any of his social media platforms. This project will test Costin and the limits of ChatGPT as the two embark on this mission together.  

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