The Grayscale Funds Trust Unleashing new Era

Grayscale Funds Trust is thrilled to announce that we are fully prepared for our comprehensive launch on June 1st for Simplified Chinese and Chinese market. This significant milestone represents our unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the digital asset investment landscape.

As a trusted leader in the industry, Grayscale Funds Trust is dedicated to providing investors with secure, transparent, and compliant opportunities in the digital asset space. With our launch on June 1st, we will introduce a wide range of services and solutions to empower investors and unlock the enormous potential of digital assets.

Months of relentless preparation have gone into ensuring that our launch on June 1st is more than just a typical event for Chinese market. We have focused on designing innovative investment strategies, implementing robust security measures, and building strong partnerships.

Starting from May 6th, Grayscale Funds Trust has begun expanding our presence in the Asia-Pacific region. This highlights our commitment to countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, and others. The Asia-Pacific region has long been regarded as a vital market for the digital asset industry, brimming with endless opportunities and challenges. Leveraging our expertise and deep understanding, Grayscale Funds Trust is fully dedicated to providing comprehensive support and guidance to investors in the Asia-Pacific region, enabling them to better understand and participate in digital asset investments.

In conjunction with our comprehensive launch, Grayscale Funds Trust will host a grand conference in Malaysia at the end of June. This event will bring together investors, experts, and industry leaders from across the Asia-Pacific region, focusing on digital asset investment. Grayscale Funds Trust will share the latest industry trends, investment strategies, and innovative technologies, providing valuable learning and networking opportunities. This conference will inject new vitality and momentum into the digital asset industry in the Asia-Pacific region.

Notably, during the inaugural Grayscale Funds Trust Asia-Pacific Strategy Meeting in Malaysia at the end of June, our Asia-Pacific Manager, Martin, will deliver a comprehensive introduction to Grayscale Funds Trust. He will share the development journey of Grayscale Funds Trust in China, Japan, South Korea, and other countries, as well as the vision and strategy for the Asia-Pacific region. Martin is an experienced financial professional with extensive industry knowledge and a wide network of resources. He will lead the team in driving the development of Grayscale Funds Trust in the Asia-Pacific region, creating more opportunities and value for investors.

Under the leadership of Grayscale Funds Trust, the digital asset industry in the Asia-Pacific region is set to explode. We firmly believe that digital asset investment is not just a trend but a new era of investment. Grayscale Funds Trust looks forward to collaborating with investors, partners, and industry leaders in the Asia-Pacific region to collectively shape a brighter future for digital asset investment.

Grayscale Funds Trust: Leading the Way into a New Era of Digital Asset Investment!

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