Majid Riaziat’s “The Age of Simorgh” Presents A Bold Look Into The Future – A New Era of Existence – One In Which Mankind Will Merge With Technology To Create a New Way of Life

Majid Riaziat’s "The Age of Simorgh" Presents A Bold Look Into The Future - A New Era of Existence - One In Which Mankind Will Merge With Technology To Create a New Way of Life
In this book, the author investigates the effect of technology on society, the way of life, and the forms of government. Populations are increasingly receiving collective or automated assistance in their daily decision making, and soon they will not be able to make unaided decisions on their own.

Los Angeles, California – May 30, 2023 – Out of the thousands of books published each year, very few can make a significant impact on the psyche of the reader. The Age of Simorgh: Planning for Human Convergence with Technology by Majid Riaziat is a real eye-opener in that it presents subject matter not easily conveyed so that the reader can grasp its meaning.

The speed at which technology advances will, at some point, converge and surpass the capabilities of humankind alone. It is only a matter of time when mankind will merge with technology to form a new entity – a Sovereign IntelliMatic Organization of Humans, otherwise known as a “SIMORGH”.

The author has the background and understanding to present his theories in such a way as they can be grasped by the reader. This would explain how his book hit #1 Best Seller on Amazon in two sections: General Technology and Reference and Science History and Philosophy.

The author presents these points to ponder:

  • Automation of manufacturing created more jobs than it replaced. Automation of services does not.
  • It is preferable to be governed by algorithms rather than humans. Algorithms are less prone to corruption, favoritism, and fatigue.
  • One person one vote was implemented for practicality, but it is not best for society. Votes should be weighed in favor of people who care about the subject and take the effort to learn about it. Technology now makes this possible.
  • Humans need to improve through AR, genetic engineering, and BCI to stay involved. Most people will opt out or not have the opportunity to join.
  • Highly trained and specialized people will initially be Simorgh’s undifferentiated cells. Differentiation follows, with genetic and external enhancements.
  • A certain “eusociality” may emerge in the form of a limited number of “safe” and accepted DNA templates to be used in reproduction.

As humankind is continuing to merge with its technology, they are going to be catapulted into a fresh reality that will be entirely novel to every human-being alive today. Once fully formed, neither the humans that constitute Simorgh’s body cells nor those people who live on the outside will necessarily be cognizant of the presence of Simorgh as a living entity. Naturally, the forces and mechanisms that drive its behavior remain equally incomprehensible.

The rise of Simorgh will profoundly affect the structure of our society, our freedoms, and our form of government. It is unlikely that progress in this direction can be stopped in favor of maintaining the status quo or in favor of retreating to past human individualism. Instead, there is the option for many individuals to either assimilate with Simorgh or not.

In fact, a significant portion of the human population will not join this trend either by choice or by fate. Simorgh will coexist with outsider humans and other species on Earth, yet none will be aware of its existence. Its presence, however, will inevitably impact all life on Earth.

About The Author:

Majid Riaziat is an experienced scientist and entrepreneur with continued involvement in technology development and commercialization. Dr. Riaziat received his Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Stanford University. His employment background includes Varian Medical Systems, where he was a research director, and OEpic Semiconductors, where he was cofounder and CEO.

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