Basic Information of Hl-1550 Battery Powered Pipe Crimping Tool

Short Description:

HL-1550 is a pipe crimping tool for conjuctiong stainless steel pipe, copper pipe, XPAP, PEX pipe. It is the fastest, most reliable press pipe pressing tools. Simply press a button to apply the required force. Two-sate hydraulic system automatically switches to power stroke after a fast speed. When the pressing is complete, the ram retracts automatically. The tool itself efficiency max can speed up 20%.  Rechargeable hydraulic tool is equipped with 360°free rotary pliers head, with OLED to light working area, microcomputer control system to detect pressure automatically and high performance lithium battery to provide the strong power, It also has the function of manual reset.


1. 360° head rotated, which can be used in carious angle applications

2. Manual reset function, if the operation process is wrong, the pistol can be returned to it, its original position by manual reset

3. LED display, display the working times, battery capacity, maintenance reminds and gaulit codes

4. One key switch, automatic pressure detection and double pretection during crimping

5. Plastic box, protect the machine from injury, make the machine run stably and prolong its service life

6. Easy to carry with high performance 4. 0 lithium battery, save time and effort

Mode: HL-1550 Battery Pipe Crimping Tool
Max. cutting force: 60KN
Stroke: 28mm
Battery: 18v 4.0Ah Li-Ion
Cutting/charger: Approx. 70 times (Cu150 mm2)
Charging voltage: AC 100V〜240V; 50〜60Hz
Charging time: Approx. 2 hours
Option crimping dies: 3 sets(TH,U,SV)
TH profile: 16 20 26 32
U Profile: 16 20 25 32
SV profile: 15 20 25 32 40 50
Crimping tool: 1 pc
Battery: 2 pcs
Charger: 1 pc
Shoulder strap: 1 pc
Plastic case: 1 pc

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