Four Major Factors Causing Poor Quality of Color Coated Aluminum Rolls

Roller coating is an important process in the spray painting production line of all aluminum alloy waterproof rolls. The quality of the sprayed products, especially the conductivity quality, immediately endangers the actual effect of product decoration design. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the four key points that can easily lead to poor quality of color coated aluminum coils during the entire spraying process,

1. Raw materials: Architectural coatings and color coated aluminum coils are the most harmful factors to the spraying quality during the entire spraying process. Due to the presence of color deviation in the batch number of architectural coatings, insufficient particle size of architectural coatings and low application rate, poor coordination and layering between architectural coatings and organic solvents, these can immediately endanger the actual spraying effect and cause subsidence. The uneven and uneven film thickness of aluminum coil plates Poor edge tensile strain also immediately endangers product quality and overall application. Therefore, strict control should be exercised when selecting raw materials.

2. Processing technology: The spray painting process is closely related to the quality of the spray coating, and it is stipulated that the control of the relative linear velocity ratio of the spray coating roller, the paint lifting roller, the metrological verification roller, and the sheet metal should be within a certain range. Based on different management systems and the film thickness of sprayed products, a certain viscosity range should be set for architectural coatings to ensure smooth spraying and promote the improvement of product quality. The dry and solid processing process of architectural coatings and the operation of the drying box must be operated according to the requirements and cannot be changed arbitrarily, otherwise it will seriously harm the sprayed products.

3. Natural environment: It is required to clean and tidy the interior of the spraying room, ensuring anti fouling, anti moth, and certain natural ventilation characteristics, and ensuring that the spraying process performance will not be polluted by the environment. In addition, the processing process standards were immediately changed due to changes in average temperature.

4. Machinery and equipment: According to the regulations of the spraying production line, the mechanical equipment is manufactured in good condition and undamaged. The mechanical equipment manufacturing regulations operate stably, and there should be no horizontal or vertical vibration. The spraying roller is required to be finely ground. All rollers of the coating computer installation machine vibrate horizontally, and must be controlled within the allowable range, otherwise it will seriously endanger the coating process performance. The above are important factors that can easily lead to poor quality of color coated aluminum coils. However, the operator’s mastery of technical skills and standardization of actual operations are important factors in achieving high-quality spraying results. Therefore, it is necessary to enhance the learning and training of operators, enable them to grasp the basic principles and key points of spraying technology, enhance their obligation, and strictly follow safety operating procedures to carry out practical operations to ensure high-quality spraying products. The elements are interconnected and influence each other. Sometimes the cause of a defect is related to various factors, so it is necessary to analyze the actual problem in depth and eliminate it from multiple aspects.

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