Marcello Cabus Republishes the Award-Winning Book “Pioneers of Leisure,” a Revealing and Intriguing Memoir

Marcello Cabus Republishes the Award-Winning Book "Pioneers of Leisure," a Revealing and Intriguing Memoir
Renowned author Marcello Cabus has republished his award-winning book, “Pioneers of Leisure,” focusing on the controversial figure Sonny Vaccaro. This riveting narrative details alleged violations, underhanded dealings, and industrial espionage during the early ’70s.

Delve into the gripping world of sex, drugs, and rock and roll through the eyes of Marcello Cabus, a man who lived through some epic highs and lows. His critically acclaimed book, “Pioneers of Leisure,” returns to the shelves with fresh insights and a revived story of a man who stirred the basketball world, Sonny Vaccaro.

“Pioneers of Leisure” stands tall as an exceptional exploration of Vaccaro’s ascension to being an influential figure. The book traces his controversial path, packed with alleged violations and underhanded dealings, from paying amateur basketball players during their high school and college years to purportedly bribing prominent coaches with tennis shoes and cash. Vaccaro’s involvement in industrial espionage, along with his reaction to Marcello’s deal with Robert Parrish and Leon Douglas, adds another layer of intrigue to this gripping narrative.

Marcello’s dealings with Vaccaro in the early ’70s, filled with scandal and tension, expose an entirely different facet of the basketball world, unknown to many fans. His close shave with a well-laid trap sheds light on the gritty realities that lay behind the glamorous facade of the sport.

“It’s a breathtaking read that will leave you feeling inspired.” – Literary Titan

Marcello Cabus has lived a life many would find hard to believe. His fascinating journey, documented in “Pioneers of Leisure,” takes readers through his interactions with rock stars, politicians, and other notable personalities, leading to extraordinary highs and heartbreaking lows. The book ultimately serves as Marcello’s redemption song, a testament to his resilience and unwavering spirit.

“Pioneers of Leisure” is an award-winning work of non-fiction. The book has received the Literary Titan Gold Book Award in April 2023 for its exceptional contribution to literature.

“Pioneers of Leisure” is available now on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon.

“Pioneers of Leisure” is more than a book; it is a portal into a dark but fascinating world. Discover untold stories, brought to life by Marcello Cabus’s engrossing narrative and personal experiences.

“This is an intriguing read… Marcello tells of both adventures and tragedies that have occurred over a lifetime of exploits.” — James St. Veltri.

About the Book

Get ready to be swept up in a whirlwind tour of the psychedelic 60s through the captivating journey of Marcello, a one-time shoeshine boy turned major drug dealer. This electrifying narrative sweeps from Marcello’s humble beginnings in Denver’s barrios, through wild adventures with icons like Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones, to audacious antics, like his friends trying to nab an alligator from the Tucson zoo. As you dive deeper, you’ll witness Marcello at the helm of freeform radio in Boulder, Colorado, designing clothes for legends like Glen Campbell and Mick Jagger, and peddling Sunshine LSD from a VW bus across Europe.

However, life isn’t a permanent high. The 1980s find Marcello striving to reinvent himself as an innovator, patenting a food dehydrator aimed at alleviating global hunger. His hopes, though, are crushed by the Organized Crime Strike Force in Colorado and their media connections. From the despairing lows of cocaine addiction and court-ordered rehab, to the resilient highs of redemption and self-discovery, this tale is a riveting testament to human spirit’s tenacity. So, buckle up for Marcello’s long, strange trip – a rollercoaster of fortunes made, lost, and reclaimed.

About the Author

Hailing from the vibrant barrios and a rich blend of Latino and Filipino heritage, he emerged from humble beginnings as a shoeshine boy in a Denver nightclub to a life of high-stakes adventure. His journey led him to party with rock legends, face peril in a North African knife fight, deal LSD across Europe, and explore the enchanting Kashmir. After being entangled in a conspiracy with the Denver Comets’ owners, he endured numerous legal run-ins and time in one of America’s toughest rehab facilities. Despite these hardships, his indomitable spirit contributed significantly to Denver’s cultural landscape, helping establish its first rock ‘n’ roll venue, spearheading freeform radio, and launching a successful custom clothing store. Drawing strength from his early moral compass, he overcame addiction and personal tragedy to transform his life, trading drug dealing for entrepreneurship and inventing a groundbreaking machine to combat global hunger. His story stands as a testament to the enduring resilience and capacity for redemption within us.

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