Best-Selling and Award-Winning Author Lonnie Busch, Releases a New Groundbreaking Novel, “All Hope of Becoming Human”

Best-Selling and Award-Winning Author Lonnie Busch, Releases a New Groundbreaking Novel, "All Hope of Becoming Human"
Author Lonnie Busch releases his highly-anticipated novel, “All Hope of Becoming Human.” The narrative combines archaeology, the paranormal, and cosmic terror in a thrilling tale of humanity’s survival. Acclaimed as an “absorbing, realistic near-future tale” by Kirkus Review and praised for its exceptional world-building by Literary Titan, the novel brings together an assistant archaeologist and an FBI agent as they unravel a terrifying mystery threatening humanity.

In the wake of the acclaimed success of his previous novels, award-winning author Lonnie Busch presents his latest masterstroke, “All Hope of Becoming Human.” The book promises an electrifying journey that weaves together elements of archaeology, the paranormal, and cosmic terror.

“All Hope of Becoming Human” explores a world on the brink of unimaginable change. An assistant archaeologist, Rebecca Duccati, uncovers a significant archaeological find in the Arizona desert. Meanwhile, FBI Special Agent Demzey, a specialist in anomalous crimes, investigates a series of brutal, inexplicable murders connected to monstrous alien creatures. As both worlds intertwine, a mystery that could spell the end of humanity begins to unravel.

Kirkus Review praises Busch’s latest work as an “absorbing, realistic near-future tale brimming with unrelenting mystery and tension.” Literary Titan also gave the novel a 5-star review, stating, “The world-building in this novel is absolutely exceptional. Busch adeptly weaves together elements of the extraterrestrial, the malevolent, and the ancient to present a unique reality that prompts deep contemplation about our own world.”

Lonnie Busch has a rich repertoire of awards to his name, including the Clay Reynolds Novella Prize, finalist in the Tobias Wolff Award for Fiction, and the Glimmer Train Very Short Fiction Award, among others. His debut novel, “The Cabin on Souder Hill,” was a best-seller, and his follow-up novel, “The Baldwin Hotel,” was released in 2022.

“All Hope of Becoming Human” offers another deeply intriguing exploration of our place in the universe, a harrowing adventure that probes into the heart of human resilience.

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About the Book

The world teeters on the brink of an extraordinary transformation.

Unprecedented earthquakes unearth massive metallic behemoths and extensive underground skeletal remains, particularly within Arizona’s desert landscape. One daring assistant archaeologist, Rebecca Duccati, defies the danger of escalating seismic activity, secretly penetrating the quarantined site. Driven by an inexplicable connection, she delves into the mysterious labyrinth below, each discovery potentially revolutionizing our understanding of human origins.

Meanwhile, FBI Special Agent Demzey, a seasoned investigator of enigmatic crimes, is embroiled in a terrifying series of brutal murders. When he and his assistant, Connie Wegman, uncover remains of monstrous alien creatures linked to global human attacks, the intrigue deepens. As the world’s greatest minds grapple with the growing menace, Duccati and Demzey find themselves at the heart of a chilling puzzle. Their unlikely partnership may unearth a truth so astounding it could determine the fate of humanity. Their journey weaves together an intricate tapestry of ancient secrets and extraterrestrial terror, where every revelation could mark the thin line between survival and extinction.

About the Author

Lonnie Busch is a celebrated author and accomplished artist whose wide-ranging talents have firmly established him in the realms of literature and visual arts. He is an award-winner renowned for his compelling short fiction, which has graced the pages of prestigious literary magazines like the Southwest Review, The Minnesota Review, and The Baltimore Review. His storytelling prowess reached new heights with the release of his debut novel, “The Cabin on Souder Hill,” in September 2020. Following this, he published the intriguing “The Baldwin Hotel” in December 2022 and a newly expanded edition of “Turnback Creek” in March 2023, adding six previously unpublished short stories to the acclaimed collection.

Parallel to his writing career, Busch excels in painting, animation, and illustration. His artistic creations have garnered recognition from various corporations, ad agencies, and institutions. Notably, he designed the “Greetings from America” stamps and the “Wonders of America” series for the United States Postal Service. As one of the most creative and compelling voices in speculative fiction, Lonnie Busch continues to captivate and inspire readers with his ability to create hauntingly resonant worlds and characters. 

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