Syracuse Roofing Services by Trained and Certified Personnel from Capital Home Improvements Deliver Quality Roof Installations and Repairs

Capital Home Improvements has established a noteworthy reputation as a distinguished roofing service provider since 1985. All work is supervised by an on-site foreman who takes full responsibility for the project. The business commits to finishing roofing jobs within 30 days.

According to announcements released by Capital Home Improvements and Paul Conklin, Syracuse roofing services by this business are comprehensive and include repairs and installations.

Since 1985, Capital Home Improvements has provided dependable, reliable roofing and remodeling service in and around Syracuse, NY.

The business stresses that a roof is much more than just a layer of shingles. It is a complete system that requires several elements to work together to protect your home and ensure its durability. Capital Home Improvements highlights the importance of hip & ridge shingles, ventilation, and waterproof underlayment products in safeguarding homes.

Hip & ridge shingles protect the roof’s ridge line from weathering and add an extra layer of dimension to a roof. They integrate with ventilation products to prevent moisture build-up in the winter and excessive heat in the summer, prolonging a roof’s lifespan. These shingles come in various styles, making finding the perfect fit for a region and personal style easy.

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Ventsure® ventilation products used by this business help prevent structural damage by reducing moisture condensation and ensuring air movement through the attic. Balancing outdoor and indoor temperatures helps guard against premature aging and deck warping.

The business is a preferred roofing contractor for Owens Corning, one of the country’s leading roofing manufacturers, which offers high-quality roofing systems that provide both protection and beauty. They function best when used as part of a complete roofing system and offer protection against moisture with their weathering-grade asphalt coating.

Weatherlock® waterproofing underlayment products used by Capital Home Improvements resist roof deck damage, providing a protective layer between a roof deck and shingles. Owens Corning offers a variety of uniquely designed waterproofing underlayments, scientifically engineered to provide a solution to every application need.

Paul Conklin of Capital Home Improvements said, “If your roof is beginning to give you faulty signs such as missing shingles, less bright color, curling, cracks, and other irregularities, it may be time to mend the affected shingles or replace your roof. If the damage affects 25%, or more, of the roof surface, or if there are cracked shingles in many areas, then it might be time to replace it.

You may find it hard to know when it is time to either repair or replace your roof. Hence, contact a credible roofing company for careful inspection. You will find the asphalt shingle in classic colors, natural earth tones, and contemporary colors. In contrast, the modern shingle is customized to make you feel safer and spend less on maintenance.

When you know that weight is essential in roofing, you might want to look for something lighter. Asphalt shingles are suitable for all homes, especially 3-tab shingles. So, you don’t have to be scared even if your home is old.

Shingles can be created more easily in bulk than other roofing materials; hence, they are cheaper if you’re on a budget. They also require little time to master the art of installing them and can serve you up to 10-30 years.”

About the Company:

Capital Home Improvements has served Central New York communities as a trusted roofer for nearly four decades. The business also undertakes siding, windows, asphalt paving, and insulation projects. This OSHA-certified business complies with the highest safety standards. It serves the Greater Syracuse area and its surroundings, including Pompey, Jordan, Van Buren, and Fabius.

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