GreenPowerHub and Swiss electricity companies join forced to launch Guarantees of Origin (GOs) Domestic Trading Service for the Swiss market

Global Renewable Energy Network is leading the future of renewable energy trading.

Supported by key market players in the Swiss Electricity market, GreenPowerHub today announced the Swiss Domestic service for Guarantees of Origin (GO) trading. GreenPowerHub is Europe’s leading renewable energy trading network, its flagship service is developed based on leading technology and in partnership with major players, among which are AXPO Solutions AG, Alpiq AG, Azienda Elettrica Ticinese (AET), BKW, and Repower.

With an aim at enhancing market liquidity, trading efficiency, and price transparency, GreenPowerHub’s platform represents a unique channel of liquidity for this premium market and complements the existing European Energy Certificate System (EECS) – Guarantee of Origin (GO) ecosystem, powered by the network effect of leading trading institutions and their counterparties.

GreenPowerHub Swiss trading network will serve as a central hub enabling users with easy access to trading, interaction with trading counterparties, and simplified trading workflows coupled by centralized record-keeping for trade history and data. It also allows domestic users to upgrade their access to the entire EECS GO trading platform seamlessly.

“Newly launched GreenPowerHub Swiss domestic market is a trading network with a focus on Swiss domestic market GO trading and price information. This is an efficient solution to create a transparent and thriving Swiss domestic market,” said Christoph Buholzer, Senior Originator at Axpo Solutions AG.

“The Swiss GO market has been regarded as one of the premium GO markets in Europe. Developed collaboratively with support from leading market participants, GreenPowerHub is looking forward to bringing more efficiency, liquidity and transparency to the Swiss market and thereby supporting the energy transition”,  added Wei Cai, CEO of GreenPowerHub AS

“We are very excited about the launch of the domestic platform with leading players in the market. We are confident GreenPowerHub is poised to be a leading global renewable energy trading network via innovations and partnership,” said Jon Trygve Berg, Chairman of the board, Sarsia Seed Management.

About GreenPowerHub AS

GreenPowerHub is one of the leading renewable energy trading networks in Europe, with a wide range of renewable energy products and services, including Guarantees of Origin (GOs), Elcerts, International RECs (I-RECs), UK Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificates and newly launched Swiss domestic market.

Over the past three years, the company has built a digital platform that runs 24/7. Valuing fast execution, cost efficiency and full price transparency. It is used actively by over 400 members globally, including some of the world’s leading energy and utility companies as well as sustainability-focused multinational corporations.

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