Serenity Amidst the Storm: My Forever Breath – Unveiling the Power of Faith, Overcoming Setbacks, and Blossoming in the Darkest of Times

Christian novel writer, Erin D. Schultz has launched his latest literary masterpiece, “My Forever Breath: Blooming in Suffocating Times,” a captivating and well narrated Christian novel that explores the power of relying on God during turbulent times. Based on the author’s 50 years of experience of having an intimate relationship with God, this novel has profound spiritual insights and promises to inspire readers to remain steadfast in God during trying moments.

“My Forever Breath is your road map for not only surviving common setbacks; it presents a wide open door to flourishing in the midst of extreme challenges,” says the author, Erin D. Shultz. “I share with you my 50 years of intimate reliance on God, including an accompanying lineup of my triumphs and failures.”

Early readers are full of praises about the book as it resonates well with them. Customers are leaving positive reviews as the book deeply touches their heart and leaves them with a powerful spiritual message. Here are some of the testimonials:

“What a beautifully poignant, practical, and personally uplifting read in that, even if you had not suffered the actual harm of the chapter, you either know someone who has or you can identify with a similar hurt. The advice/encouragement are biblically based and the multitude of scriptures just wash over you as you read.” – Elaine.

“I recently finished reading My Forever Breath by Erin Schultz. Although I have not personally experienced many of the same life struggles as the author has (i.e. childhood abuse, devastating illness, etc.), I strongly recommend this book to those who need true healing through God’s Word and through the encouragement of knowing someone has come before you, facing these trials victoriously.” – Jan Welsh

“My Forever Breath is a wonderful book that I enjoyed reading starting with the title; it has the most beautiful title. It is an easy to read book and is filled with encouragement during trying and difficult times in life. I recommend it for new believers as it explains many things I would like to have known as a new believer and is backed with many Scriptures.” – Debbie K.

You can get “My Forever Breath: Blooming in Suffocating Times” on Amazon.

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Erin D. Schultz is an author popular for helping women understand the depth of God’s love for them, while proving that nothing can separate them from His love. Her years of holding on to God during difficult times has made her compassionate and given her a resolve to encourage others to trust in God with all their heart.

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