Zencommerce.in Revolutionizes Ecommerce Landscape with Launch of Innovative Platform in India

Mumbai – 22 June, 2023 – Zencommerce, a prominent player in the e-commerce industry, is thrilled to announce the unveiling of their groundbreaking e-commerce platform in India. With thousands of merchants already on board, the platform has gained recognition by being selected for Microsoft’s startup program, further solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the market.

As an embodiment of India’s exceptional talent and expertise, the Zencommerce platform has been meticulously developed entirely within the country. This achievement showcases the nation’s technological prowess and reaffirms its status as a global hub for innovation.

What sets Zencommerce apart is its unparalleled capacity for Whitelabel functionality, empowering agencies and hosters to resell the platform under their own brand. This unique feature enables partners to leverage Zencommerce’s robust infrastructure while maintaining their distinct identity. In fact, several partners have already utilized the platform to build their own applications on top of it, opening up new avenues for customization and business growth.

“With the launch of our new e-commerce platform, we are revolutionizing the way businesses operate in the digital landscape,” stated Ankur Goel, CEO of Zencommerce. “Our platform not only empowers businesses to establish and manage their online presence seamlessly but also provides agencies and hosters with a compelling opportunity to expand their service offerings and reach a wider customer base through white-label capabilities. We are proud to lead the charge in driving e-commerce innovation in India.”

Zencommerce aims to empower businesses of all sizes, from startups to established enterprises, with its comprehensive and user-friendly platform. Offering a range of features and tools, the platform enables businesses to create engaging online stores, optimize customer experiences, streamline operations, and drive sales growth. Moreover, the Whitelabel functionality opens up new revenue streams for agencies and hosters, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of collaboration and mutual success.

Zencommerce is built on a cutting-edge framework that embraces a headless architecture, delivering unparalleled speed and performance that search engines favor. Every aspect of the platform is developed to meet the highest industry standards, and the team continuously updates its technology to stay at the forefront of e-commerce innovation. “In our years of experience, we have come to understand that creating an online store is just the beginning; the true challenge lies in achieving successful sales,” – stated Rhidima Goel, CMO of Zencommerce. That’s why our team is equipped with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, employing tried-and-true strategies to ensure online merchants thrive in their digital endeavors.

To further strengthen their commitment to customer success, Zencommerce provides robust customer support, ensuring that businesses receive timely assistance and guidance throughout their e-commerce journey. With a dedicated team of experts, Zencommerce strives to empower businesses to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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Zencommerce.in is a leading e-commerce platform provider committed to empowering businesses in the digital era. With a focus on innovation and customer success, zencommerce.in offers a comprehensive platform equipped with cutting-edge features, enabling businesses to establish and grow their online presence effortlessly. With white-label capabilities, the platform facilitates strategic partnerships, allowing agencies and hosters to resell Zencommerce under their own brand.

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