Flowace Becomes Best Productivity Analysis Tool for Workspace

Flowace gained popularity as a top-rated time tracker for modern businesses powered by AI. Owing to its people analytics tracking features, Flowace boosts productivity by 31%.

Flowace, a full-service time-tracking platform is consistently gaining notice owing to its hands-free time tracking ability. Completely automated and designed for accurate employee management, Flowace is not the typical employee tracker. In comparison to its competitors, Flowace measures time and productivity, as per modern productivity standards. 

70% of modern productivity standards changed over the past few years, especially for remote companies. Previously, time trackers helped companies measure daily hours to ensure that employees are putting in effort for the time they are paid to. But the question remained? Are employees utilizing their work hours productively? Flowace gives the answer.

Flowace’s automated time tracker uses an AI-powered bubble that tracks employee hours as soon as they log in. This tracker comes with a privacy and work mode; when employees push to work mode, each activity conducted on their respective systems gets tracked.

Varun Kodnani, the co-founder of Flowace, said, “We can’t call Flowace an employee monitoring software, but a productivity analysis software that can help employees and employers stay in tune with their respective responsibilities. By having each employee’s activity tracked under a singular dashboard, our tool can showcase accurate timesheet analysis including areas where employees are spending more time. According to your company’s needs and requirements, you can categorize the apps and URLs that are productive for you. By default, every other app and URL will show up as a distraction or unproductive activity. By mutually having access to such accurate data, remote workers not only stay accountable but it reduces organizational biases and clients can be billed accurately as per the actual efforts.”

The Flowace dashboard further allows employers to create/assign and track tasks. When employees classify their projects, automatically, the AI tool accurately records time spent on each project/task.

Additionally, no matter how many tasks an employee is working on, he or she does not need to manually adjust the timer or update, which file they are focusing on. Flowace automatically syncs projects to apps, documents, and more. This way, it helps employees maintain a smoother workflow with data-backed visual analytics. 

Aside from this, the not-so-regular employee monitoring software also provides idle alerts, and screenshots to track missing/idle time. This ensures that teams or individuals remain accountable for their missed work minutes. 

For e-commerce and service teams that work outside, Flowace’s intuitive geo-tagging and geo-fencing features capture employee log-ins/log-outs when they enter their respective job sites. The company also provides an ‘update-selfie’ feature to ensure no one is catfishing.

Furthermore, Flowace brings many perks for employees as well. With timely alerts to take breaks, a burnout-hour calculator, and a star performers alert, this tool helps in identifying hard-working employees. As each activity is captured on data, it becomes easier for employees to relax during appraisal season, as deserving ones will get their due appraisals without any doubts or biases. 

For instance, such employees can be rewarded with incentives or, raise to boost their loyalty toward their companies.

Empathetic leader and founder of Flowace, Tarun Kodnani said, “Our software is developed with the motive to bridge the gap between employees and companies. With its ability to address the biases and complaints on each side of a company spectrum, we hope to remove organizational misconstructs when it comes to rewarding employees that work hard. It doesn’t matter if they were or are black horses, CEOs and managers can see their progress and reward them based on real-time performance analytics.”

Other Features of Flowace:

• Automated logins-log outs

• Billable hour calculator

• Invoice generation

• Automated attendance tracker

• Call tracker with billable hour calculator

• Seamless integration abilities in one dashboard 

Flowace takes the burden off management and improves the functionality of remote/office teams with its ability to paint the real-time organizational picture. By improvising accountability, allowing smoother appraisal processes, and tracking the real-time performance of each core member, Flowace ensures a 31% boost in productivity for all users.

Compatible with the web and iOS, Flowace is continually improving its features to diligently serve more than 35000+ users worldwide.

To learn more visit: https://www.flowace.ai

About Flowace

Empathic leaders, Varun and Tarun Kodnani developed Flowace to measure time on par with productivity. The main motto of Flowace is Measure>Analyze>Upscale>Grow by harnessing accurate productivity analytics.  By amalgamating AI for measuring time, Flowace allows seamless tracking of employee performance in real-time to help individuals and teams maximize their efficiency and achieve their goals. With its intuitive AI interface, comprehensive features, and seamless integration abilities, Flowace automated time tracking software is revolutionizing the way companies manage time and tasks. Currently, Flowace serves 35000+ users worldwide.

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