Brand New “CHIPTOSS”, Grand Opening On July 30, 2023

The cryptocurrency trading platform “CHIPTOSS” is making headlines as one of the most anticipated platforms this year, with an official launch slated for July 30, 2023. As a blockchain-based virtual asset trading platform, “CHIPTOSS” is actively branding before the official launch, including acquiring relevant licenses. The brand promotes its slogan of tangible value and defines participation in the “CHIPTOSS” platform as a trend-setting and healthy action, laying the cornerstone for enhancing the tangible value of the related industry and being the most anticipated platform this year.

The cryptocurrency industry, with the fast and aggressive flow of the market, has ongoing issues arising from various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as NFTs, meme coins, and changing trends accompanied by related regulations. This has caused problems where healthy branding is not properly established.

In the cryptocurrency market, consistent and compelling brand communication through the selection of brand value, a healthy vision, and a sustainable mission is a decisive factor in increasing understanding in the market. The value and understanding of a brand can make or break the success of branding, so clearly defining its philosophy and vision is a realistic way to birth a successful brand.

BRAND NEW “CHIPTOSS” has completed the acquisition of related licenses before the official service launch, including the “International Money Transfer License” of its official partner, WEME CANADA Money Service LTD, and the “Virtual Asset Service License” of WEME POLAND LTD, leading up to its global project public launch on July 30, 2023. This appears to be the first step in elevating the industry’s significant interest in global cryptocurrency regulation, further enhancing the value of trend and health that


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