Lucas Land Investment Company Pledges to Donate Proceeds from Real Estate Investments to Underserved Communities

Lucas Land focuses on a customer-centered approach and considers both current and future market value when acquiring and managing properties. The company is currently preparing cash offers for property owners across the United States.

Lucas Land, a family-owned and operated real estate investment company, has earned recognition for its commitment to making charitable contributions toward causes that support underserved and underresourced communities. The company recently renewed its pledge to donate proceeds from its real estate investment holdings to such causes in fiscal year 2023.

Since bursting onto the real estate investment scene, Lucas Land has made a mark for itself in the business of buying, selling, and holding residential and commercial land across the United States. The company offers a fast, easy, and innovative way for property owners to electronically submit details about their properties and receive cash quotes for those that satisfy investment criteria. A fixed portion of the final sales price is immediately reinvested into local and national causes that directly engage and empower underserved communities and their citizens, including combat veterans and rural farmers.

“Only when we begin to listen to an underserved community can we understand and serve them correctly,” remarked Preston Lucas, Founder of Lucas Land. “The actual test of our progress has always been how much we provide for those with little. As a company, we are proudly committed to meeting this test head-on and allocating resources to the causes that need it most,” he added.

Lucas Land is one of only a few investment companies committed to setting aside proceeds in such a way. To meet its goals, the company embraces a customer-centered approach toward buying, selling, and holding residential and commercial land. Prospective sellers are only given competitive offers that are free of out-of-pocket expenses or taxes, even for less desirable properties. The company focuses its market analysis not just on a property’s current condition, but on expected fair market value in the future as well, when deciding whether acquired real estate will be held, improved, or marketed to other investment companies.

Lucas Land is currently preparing cash offers for residential and commercial property owners across the country. To learn more about Lucas Land and receive a free property value assessment, please visit

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