Real Estate Visionary Becomes An Instant Best Seller

Dave Foster Launches His New Book “Lifetime Tax-Free Wealth: The Real Estate Investor’s Guideto The 1031 Exchange”

On June 1, 2023, internationally recognized, Dave Foster, released his book “Lifetime Tax-Free Wealth: The Real Estate Investor’s Guide to The 1031 Exchange” through Amazon and the book immediately became a Best Seller!

It starts with a dream. Then you find a way. Dave and Vicki Foster wanted to travel the world in a sailboat and raise their children on the water. So they found a way! Dave applied the 1031 exchange to his real estate investing enabling him to move his family and real estate portfolios across the country to end up in Florida, where he and his wife realized their dream of living on a sailboat and raising their 4 children. A lifestyle made possible with the tax-free profits from their use of sections 121 and 1031 of the IRS tax code.

Dave understands it is just as important to “sell right” as to “buy right”. As an investor himself, he views each investment as a unique opportunity to maximize returns and minimize tax. He has been able to pass along to thousands of clients these same strategies for maximizing profits while reducing taxes through his work as a degreed accountant and Qualified Intermediary for 1031 exchanges. Dave works relentlessly to unleash strategic value for the real estate investors with whom he works. The strategies and scenarios you’ll encounter in this book are not new. They are part of the tax code. But they are real and have helped hundreds of thousands of clients dramatically increase their profits in real estate investing. Come on in and let Dave show you how.

Reader Caleb Saint Jean shares in his five-star review “If you are ready to take your real estate game to the next level, this is the book for you. I learn something new from Dave every time I tune into his podcasts, youtube clips, and articles for the past 8 years. All of his knowledge is conveniently located within this book. Enjoy!”

“Confused by real estate transaction tax laws? Get ready to learn from the ‘Godfather of 1031 Exchanges’, Dave Foster. In his new book, Lifetime Tax-Free Wealth: The Real Estate Investor’s Guide to The 1031 Exchange. You will quickly discover when and how to save the most, how to ‘guard your back door’, the power of BRRRR, and so much more. Whether you’re a real estate novice or pro, a nomad or someone who is ‘land rich but cash poor’, you need to grab a copy of this book, read and highlight it, and start saving today.” Says reader Marnie Swedberg.

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