Founded in April 2023, EX GPT conducts innovative business in Canada and leads the field of AI


Established in April 2023, EX GPT is an emerging artificial intelligence company based in Canada, leading the field of AI. With a focus on intelligent voice conversations, intelligent painting, intelligent trading, intelligent system software development, and data collection and analysis, EX GPT provides innovative intelligent solutions to clients.

As a company dedicated to advancing AI technology, EX GPT integrates the latest research findings and innovative technologies to deliver high-quality and efficient solutions to clients. Its core team consists of experienced and skilled professionals with exceptional expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

EX GPT’s main business areas include:

Intelligent voice conversations: EX GPT offers intelligent dialogue systems to users through advanced natural language processing and speech recognition technologies, enabling natural interaction with machines and helping businesses enhance customer service quality and efficiency. Through continuous improvement and learning, EX GPT becomes smarter over time.

Intelligent painting: Leveraging advanced computer vision technology and machine learning algorithms, EX GPT develops creative and artistic intelligent painting systems. Users can guide the system to create stunning artwork through simple interactions, bringing new possibilities to artistic creation.

Intelligent trading: EX GPT pioneers the Quantitative Trading 3.0 system, utilizing powerful algorithms and data analysis capabilities. It provides intelligent trading solutions to financial institutions and individual traders, improving the accuracy and efficiency of trading decisions.

Intelligent system software development: With its experienced technical team in software development, EX GPT offers customized intelligent system development services to meet the diverse needs of various industries.

Data collection and analysis: EX GPT possesses robust data collection and analysis capabilities. By mining and interpreting big data, it provides clients with insights and decision support, helping businesses gain a better understanding of market trends and user demands.

The founder of EX GPT states, “We are proud to establish EX GPT in Canada and achieve such rapid growth. We will continue our dedication to developing and researching innovative technologies, combining the latest research findings with practical applications, and ushering in a new era of AI.”


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