Helps Real Estate Investors Find Motivated Seller Leads Faster and Easier Than Before

Professional digital marketers use data, resources, and experience to help real estate investors find motivated seller leads.

For real estate investors, nothing determines success more than finding motivated seller leads. Without a source of seller leads, investors waste valuable time convincing sellers to part with their homes rather than working with motivated sellers determined to move forward on the deal. Chad Keller and Bryan Driscoll have created a tried and tested strategy that has helped them generate thousands of leads and are now helping fellow investors close more deals. 

“We are a team of digital marketers and real estate investors, using our experience to convert 10 to 15% of our leads into deals. At one point, we gave away our extra leads to investors and wholesalers in our local Pittsburgh area because we were generating ten times the leads an average investor was getting. Motivated Leads was created to assist fellow investors across the country in finding motivated seller leads using our expertise in the digital marketing and real estate industry,” says a spokesperson for After five years, the duo has generated over 64,674 motivated seller leads and spent over $5 million to generate over 6,000 leads for over 400 clients nationwide.

The team offers two models for investors. They can pay per lead or opt for a customized campaign through Google and Facebook for investors who want to use branding to build their lead funnel. Motivated Leads can also help create a brand for clients who don’t have one.

All leads are vetted and sent through a multi-step form. Also, investors receive exclusive leads from the counties they choose. “We also assist clients in creating their brand with a customized website, ad account, and brand. Customized branding helps pay in the long run while receiving leads in the present. Pay per lead is budget friendly because investors only pay for the lead they get and does not involve a monthly fee,” he adds.

About Motivated Leads

Motivated Leads offers the best real estate strategies backed by data and research to provide motivated seller leads for investors. They use a combination of Pay Per Lead, Facebook ads, Google PPC and SEO to generate 150 motivated home seller leads.

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