How to Resolve 5TB Google Workspace Drive Limit with LayerOnline’s Unlimited Dropbox Plan

Many Google Workspace users recently started getting storage full errors for their accounts. Turned out Google silently dropped its unlimited storage feature for all its Workspace plans, including highest Enterprise Plus plans, and replaced with 5TB per user. And LayerOnline comes to the rescue for those Google refugees.

The error these users see when they logged in to their admin console was: ”Organization storage full – Your organization exceeded its 5 TB of Google Workspace storage. To avoid service disruptions, free up space or get more storage within x days.” Where X is the number of days left, which is less than 50 days.

Some users have called Google to increase storage space, but were told to add more users and each user adds another 5TB, even when they have 5+ users in their Enterprise plan which should qualified for unlimited storage as offered when they purchased the plan. Many users complained but Google support won’t budge, which forced users looking to save their data before the deadline.

LayerOnline is a reseller of Google Workspace and Dropbox, and has large number of users who are using Google Workspace. To help its customers, LayerOnline just introduced the Unlimited Dropbox plan, which includes the unlimited storage Dropbox Business Advanced account. The user can sign up with just one user license, no group buy is required. LayerOnline also provide migration assistance for those who needed, together with 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

The following are some of the testimonials of customers who used the Unlimited Dropbox plan:

“I have been with LayerOnline for more than 10 years and I am happy that LayerOnline offered me the Unlimited Dropbox Plan to help with the Google Workspace exit. Their service was exceptional and all my data were successfully migrated to Dropbox.” – Steve O.

“I migrated to LayerOnline’s unlimited Dropbox plan from Google Workspace and happened to be the best choice ever. There are no more silly limitations such as 10/s API hits, 750GB upload and 10TB download. I was able to fully utilize 10Gbps connection for transfer!” – Jennifer W.

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