Allen E. Fishman’s Debut Book “Tips From The Top,” Is Here To Present The Practical Tips And Guidance To Help And Encourage Anyone To Start A Business

Allen E. Fishman's Debut Book "Tips From The Top," Is Here To Present The Practical Tips And Guidance To Help And Encourage Anyone To Start A Business

Did you know that there were over 63,703 startups in the US as of 2021 and that this number is expected to rise in the near future?

With this much potential, it should go without saying that launching a business from scratch is not something to be taken lightly. You must maintain your concentration while overcoming numerous challenges and obstacles in order to achieve the goals you have long desired and dreamed of. The story does not end there, though. You also get to encounter sleepless nights, perseverance, stress, and depression, as well as societal norms that are an eager part of life after and during the crucial time of developing your business.

However, you can understand and simplify the complex and demanding process of starting your own business by listening to advice from professionals who have made their mark as successful business operators.

Allen Fishman, Founder and Executive Chairman of The Alternative Board (TAB) — the world’s largest business peer board and coaching franchise system is among the same. He has compiled his decades of business experience, as well as advice from TAB’s thousands of members/business owners, into a comprehensive, readable book titled “Tips From The Top.”

“Tips From The Top” is a practical guidebook that contains everything a business owner or someone looking to start their own business could ever want. It will illuminate numerous business facets and terminologies, offering a variety of valuable and applicable business and entrepreneurial advice as well as step-by-step instructions to make you aware and help you to start your own successful business venture.

Everyone considering starting a business, including those in the group of would-be entrepreneurs or new or existing business owners, who find it challenging to take the first step toward business ownership, should read this book. On the other hand, this book is also for those who aren’t sure if they should run their own business or continue working on a 9 to 5 job.

“Tips From The Top.”will assist anyone in determining what kind of business best suits their resources and personality. Additionally, you will learn where and how to get the fund you will need to establish your business successfully and, at last, find and retain good workers.

 This book will inspire you to take the next step, from contemplating starting a business to actually doing it, by teaching you the necessary steps.

 About the author:

 Allen E. Fishman is the founder and executive chairman of The Alternative Board (TAB), the world’s largest franchise system that provides business owners with advisory board and administrative coaching services. Fishman has written several books, including two best-sellers, “7 secrets of great entrepreneurial masters business success” and “The GEM Power Formula for lifelong success and 9 elements of family business success,” in which he shares his business insights to help others prosper their businesses and companies. His business understanding and ability to communicate economic advice have been acknowledged by prominent media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

 So do get your hand on “Tips From The Top,” to help yourself start your own successful business venture. The book is available on Amazon for purchase.


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