4 Weeks No Commitment, Join TS4U’s Project-Centric IT Bootcamps and Career Transformation

4 Weeks No Commitment, Join TS4U's Project-Centric IT Bootcamps and Career Transformation
TS4U, a leading IT bootcamp provider, recently received accreditation from the State of Michigan, highlighting its commitment to high-quality, practical tech trade education. With a unique ‘pay nothing upfront’ scheme, it offers deferred payments until students secure employment. Their bootcamps cover in-demand areas like software automation, cloud operations, Agile product ownership, full-stack software engineering, and vehicle validation.
TS4U is an accredited IT bootcamp provider that offers deferred payments and income share loans (Pay Zero to Start IT Bootcamp) until students secure employment or start payment after 12 months. Their bootcamps cover in-demand areas like software automation, aws cloud ops engineering, and full-stack software engineering. TS4U is dedicated to diversity and offers tech career opportunities to individuals from all backgrounds.

TS4U: Delivering Project-Centric IT Bootcamps and Transforming Careers

TS4U, an innovative leader in IT engineering bootcamps, is elated to announce its recent accreditation by the State of Michigan. This endorsement recognizes TS4U’s commitment to delivering:

  • High-quality, project-based IT bootcamps
  • Career transformation opportunities for individuals with minimal or no IT background

The Journey of TS4U: Empowering Individuals Amid the Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, TS4U has made significant strides, enabling hundreds of individuals to transition into the IT industry and escape low-wage jobs. Key milestones include:

  • Empowerment of individuals to shift to high-paying careers
  • Successful establishment of a strategic location in Michigan, close to major tech corporations
  • Support local communities by creating employment opportunities

“Pay Zero to Start IT Bootcamp” with TS4U

TS4U offers a unique opportunity to pay zero to start your IT bootcamp. You can defer your tuition payments through a deferred loan and an income-driven loan plan until you are employed. This means that you can start learning the skills you need to succeed in IT without worrying about the financial burden of tuition.

Accreditation by the State of Michigan

The State of Michigan’s accreditation of TS4U is a testament to the quality and effectiveness of its bootcamps. This endorsement is a crucial milestone for TS4U, affirming its:

  • High standards of instruction and course design
  • Successful track record in equipping students with practical skills for the tech industry

The Webinars: Sneak Peek into the World of IT Bootcamps

TS4U’s free webinars offer an exclusive look into its comprehensive bootcamps. These sessions:

  • Offer insights into the rigorous programs
  • Provide information on potential career paths

Webinar Schedule

Day:  June 26, 2023 (01:00 PM EST)

Webinar Topic: Pay ZERO to start IT MERN Bootcamp

Register to Secure Your Spot: https://ts4u.us/link/paynothing

Founder Shiblu’s Vision and Mission Statement

Founder Shiblu’s mission for TS4U revolves around the principle of simplifying complex IT concepts. He emphasizes:

  • The ‘learning by doing” methodology
  • Practical application development using modern tools
  • Creating a corporate-centric environment for students

TS4U’s High-Demand IT Bootcamps

TS4U’s diverse range of bootcamps covers the most in-demand areas of the IT industry:

  1. Software Quality Automation Engineer 
  • Learn industry-grade automation tools.
  • Understand software testing concepts.
  • Implement and create automation testing solutions.
  1. AWS CloudOps Engineer
  • Learn to manage, deploy, and operate scalable systems on AWS.
  • Understand cloud computing concepts.
  • Implement AWS best practices for infrastructure management.
  1. Agile Product Owner 
  • Understand Agile principles.
  • Learn to manage product backlogs effectively.
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of a Product Owner.
  1. MERN Full-Stack Software Engineer 
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js.
  • Build and deploy full-stack web applications.
  • Learn to work with RESTful APIs.
  1. Vehicle Validation Engineer 
  • Learn automotive technologies and systems.
  • Understand the vehicle validation process.
  • Gain hands-on experience with validation testing.

Making Tech Education Accessible with TS4U

TS4U’s commitment to accessibility in tech education includes the following:

  • An impressive job success rate of 85% to 95%
  • A two-week free trial for prospective students
  • Grants from Michigan Works! and income-driven payment options
  • Affordable student loans and a comprehensive, six-month core program
  • Extensive interview preparation resources
  • A free career development plan

Community Engagement and Free Courses by TS4U

TS4U supports the community by offering free monthly courses on:

  • Computer and Digital Communication Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of HTML and CSS For Website Development
  • Spoken and Written English (Exclusive for Bangladeshis)

Exciting Webinar on the July Bootcamps

TS4U’s June 26, 2023, free webinar provides a sneak peek into its highly anticipated July Bootcamps. The webinar covers the following:

  • MERN Full Stack Engineer
  • The enrollment process and procedure
  • Payment options and student loans
  • Course overviews
  • A Q&A session to address participant inquiries

Discounts and Offers: Maximizing the Value of Your Investment

Attendees of TS4U’s webinars can enjoy various discounts:

  • $99 off towards webinar participation when enrolling in a bootcamp
  • Additional $99 off for enrollments on June 26, 2023
  • $150 off for Computer Science graduates or those with IT experience
  • Discounts for full or partial fee payments during the enrollment period
  • 10% bootcamp discount to pay upfront total bootcamp fees

Welcoming All: TS4U’s Commitment to Diversity

TS4U is committed to promoting diversity in the tech industry by welcoming individuals from all backgrounds, including:

  • Non-technical individuals
  • Recent graduates
  • Immigrants and foreign graduates
  • Participants from previous webinars

TS4U is open to everyone, regardless of their background, including recent graduates, immigrants, and foreign graduates. TS4U is committed to promoting diversity in the tech industry and empowering individuals to change their careers and lives.

In summary, TS4U is changing lives by providing high-quality, practical IT bootcamps and making tech education accessible to all. Its accreditation by the State of Michigan attests to the quality of its programs and its commitment to creating a more diverse and inclusive tech industry.

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