Opic Technologies, Inc. describes its patented individualized movie experience

Opic Technologies, Inc. describes an individualized movie experience achieved via its patented viewing-direction streaming technology

According to the Digital Cinema Initiatives, a 4K resolution film has 4096 x 2160 pixels per frame. Streaming of 4K requires 50 Mbps of download speed, which can be achieved with 5G broadband cellular networks. This has allowed Netflix, which provides streaming of video content, to have risen to a net worth of $178 billion.

While 5G broadband cellular networks boast impressive download rates, they are not without limits. For example, camera systems have capabilities to generate immense multiple gigapixel datasets (far larger than 4K). Consider a two-gigapixel image of Mount Everest. Zoom out and you can see the entire mountain. Zoom in and you can see individual climbers at base camp. Image frames of this size are far too large to be streamed via 5G.

So, where does Opic come into play? Opic Technologies, Inc. owns patented technology that could allow streaming from gigapixel size video datasets on existing 5G networks, but how could this possibly be achieved?

Dr. Robert Douglas of Opic Technologies, Inc. explains “Opic’s patented viewing-direction streaming provides extreme high resolution imagery in exactly the direction that the user is looking.”

“So, imagine a super massive video dataset with a near-spherical field of view. Consider that the super massive video dataset could have many objects, such as a desk with playing cards and a pool scene,” Dr. Douglas states.

“For a given time point in the video, I could be looking at a desk filled with poker cards. A first individualized 4K dataset would be generated specifically for me based on my viewing direction. This first individualized 4K dataset would be streamed to my device in Florida via a 5G network and presented on my display,” Dr. Douglas continues.

“For the same time point in the video, consider that my friend, Ray, in Virginia could be watching a swimming pool scene. Opic’s patented process generates a second individualized 4K dataset specifically for Ray. This second individualized 4K dataset would be streamed to Ray’s device in Virginia via a 5G network and displayed on Ray’s display. So, even though we are watching the same movie at the same time point, the individualized 4K dataset presented on my display is completely different from the individualized 4K dataset presented on Ray’s display,” Dr. Douglas goes on.

“So every user would receive an individualized 4K dataset for streaming. Every user’s viewing experience would be different and extreme high resolution to match their viewing direction. Simply put, this represents the next generation movie watching.”, Dr. Douglas concludes.

Being an Orlando-based company, Opic Technologies, Inc. would welcome the opportunity for a business relationship with Disney. Opic’s primary business strategy is either acquisition or an exclusive license of its entire patent portfolio including international patent rights to one company whether it be U.S. based or foreign. The details will be released in the summer of 2023.

About Dr. Robert Douglas:

Dr. Douglas is a business man, engineer and inventor (75+ patents issued and 50+ patents pending) having designed, built and tested an array of 3D imaging technologies.

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