SBP Solutions: Leading the Way in Lead Testing and Safety Certification in Philadelphia

SBP Solutions leads the way in lead testing and safety certification in Philadelphia and Norristown. As an EPA-certified company, they provide comprehensive services to protect tenants and ensure landlord compliance. They offer training programs for individuals interested in becoming certified lead dust sampling technicians.

A trusted EPA-certified lead inspection and certification company, SBP Solutions, is taking the lead in ensuring the safety and well-being of residents in Philadelphia, Norristown, and surrounding areas. With a focus on lead testing, lead paint inspection, and lead-safe certification, SBP Solutions is committed to protecting tenants and keeping landlords compliant with the latest regulations.

Lead exposure poses a significant health risk, particularly to children under six. Recognizing the importance of addressing this issue, SBP Solutions offers comprehensive lead testing services to identify potential hazards and prevent lead poisoning. The company utilizes professional equipment to provide quick and accurate results, ensuring homeowners and property owners peace of mind.

Philadelphia has been grappling with a higher-than-average lead-exposure rate, with the numbers alarming in recent years. In response to this growing concern, SBP Solutions has emerged as a reliable partner, offering lead testing and paint inspections in Philadelphia and Norristown. Their team of EPA-certified lead dust sampling technicians conducts thorough assessments to identify lead hazards and ensure safe occupancy for residential and commercial properties.

In addition, to lead testing and inspections, SBP Solutions offers comprehensive training programs for those interested in becoming EPA Certified Lead Dust Sampling Technicians. Their 1-day training classes equip participants with the knowledge and skills to conduct lead dust sampling effectively. By becoming certified, individuals can protect children from lead exposure, create new business opportunities, and establish an additional income stream.

The significance of lead safety certification must be recognized, especially for landlords and property owners. In Philadelphia, a Rental Property and Lead Certification Law has been enforced since October 1, 2020, requiring landlords to test lead dust and certify their properties as lead-safe or lead-free. SBP Solutions assists landlords in meeting these legal requirements, ensuring compliance, and safeguarding tenants from lead hazards.

SBP Solutions has earned the Home Advisor seal of approval to demonstrate their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This recognition gives homeowners peace of mind, knowing that experienced and reliable professionals own their properties.

For those interested in booking a lead test or inspection, SBP Solutions offers convenient online appointment scheduling. With locations in Philadelphia and Norristown, they serve clients across the region and surrounding counties. Their team of experts is dedicated to delivering efficient and friendly service, prioritizing the safety and well-being of all clients.

About SBP Solutions:

SBP Solutions is a leading EPA-certified lead inspection and certification company based in Philadelphia. With a focus on lead testing, lead paint inspection, and lead safe certification, SBP Solutions aims to protect tenants and keep landlords compliant with the latest regulations. The company also offers comprehensive training programs for individuals seeking to become EPA Certified Lead Dust Sampling Technicians.

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