The CaliDrip Is Bringing Style And Customization To Mylar Bags For Storing Adult Snacks And Recreational Items

With numerous size and pattern options and even customizable styles, the CaliDrip has the perfect mylar bags for anyone’s preferences. Each pack comes labeled with child-proof warnings while providing the ideal home for the items someone wants to store.

When storing snacks and food items that aren’t suitable for children, it’s essential to have the right bags and containers. They should be the correct size, have the proper warnings or child-proofing locks, but also be fun and convenient to use.  

The CaliDrip has dozens of options, from mylar bags to child-proof containers, and they are bringing style and customization to each product. Customers can choose from colorful and fun premade designs or create a custom set of bags to suit their own personal preferences.  

The options available at the CaliDrip 

The CaliDrip sells several sizes of mylar bags, available in various quantities depending on someone’s needs. These bags are available in 3.5g, quarter pound, and pound options, as well as standard edible sizes. When purchasing, customers can choose from a five-pack, a 25-pack, 50, 100, 500, and even 1000 to suit their mylar bag needs. Buying in larger quantities will provide a lower per-bag price, saving the client money and time spent making multiple purchases.  

In addition to plain bags, the CaliDrip has numerous colorful and fun options. Customers can choose designs like popular cereals such as Trix, snacks like Gushers, candy-like Runts, and multiple other styles like Lakers jerseys, cartoon word bubbles, and even bags shaped like lollipops.  

Some people may use these bags to provide their products to their customer base. In these cases, they often want a style that fits their brand so that people know where the product came from and can come back and enjoy it more. The CaliDrip offers fully customizable bags to be purchased wholesale, allowing a lower per-unit price for these large orders.  

By customizing the packaging for a business’s product, they’re able to take their branding and advertising to the next level, obtaining more loyal customers.  

The CaliDrip also sells various containers, compartments, and pop tops for additional product types. With options including glass, silicon, and other materials, as well as child-proof lids, there are containers that are perfect for anyone’s needs.  


The CaliDrip provides a wide variety of options to suit any personal or business needs for storing adult items. Whether for personal use, to sell a product, or to gain more attention for a brand, the options available are perfect for everyone to find something they like.  

The CaliDrip is able to support orders of just about any size, from a handful of bags that a customer can use for their personal needs to thousands of bags for a business that needs the packaging for their products.  

With this great packaging and accessories company, style, safety, and convenience are all combined to create the perfect products for storing and using adult items.  

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