Young Entrepreneur Has Gone Viral And Made Millions Selling A Unique, Stress-Relieving Monkey Toy With Brand MonkeWorld

A Forbes Teen Millionaire, the founder of MonkeWorld made a name for himself at the young age of 19 by selling his stress-relieving monkey toy. A pioneer in his industry, he found success with his product through the social media platform Tik Tok.

In 2021, a young man named Frederik began his idea for a product that would change his life. By 2023 he would find himself on track to make his first million dollars while amassing millions of followers and capturing the attention of the world.  

The Story of MonkeWorld 

Frederik was only 17 when he began the journey of a lifetime. Living in his parent’s basement in Denmark, he came up with his idea of a stress-relieving toy. This toy was designed to look like a monkey and was made with recycled, heavy-duty rubber filled with sand. It would stretch and pull and provide hours of stress-relieving fun to anyone that used it.  

Armed with just his idea, he set out to go to Los Angeles to turn his dream into a reality. In a new country and with a bare-bones budget, he began his journey with no connections and no friends to rely on.  

Utilizing his social media savvy, Frederik set up a Tik Tok account to begin advertising his product to the audience he knew would appreciate what he had to offer. TikTok icons like Dixie D’amelio and QCP were quick to partner with MonkeWorld, and the monkey toy shot to the top of the platform.  

Within two years, MonkeWorld has amassed millions of followers, and Frederik is about to earn his first million dollars at just 19 years old.  

What MonkeWorld has been up to in recent months 

MonkeWorld is pushing its flagship product to its limits, testing out its incredible durability. In March, the toy was dropped from the top of the Mariott Bella Sky Hotel. Falling over 250 feet while being filmed by a professional crew for an upcoming tv show, the toy held up to this extreme test of its strength. 

In addition to the original monkey toy, MonkeWorld now offers a mini, a fish, and a tiger to choose from. All are made with the same durable, recycled rubber and sand filling to provide the same feel and strength.  


MonkeWorld is a customer-focused company with fast and reliable worldwide shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The various styles of the original Monke toy are great for people of all ages as they provide a natural and fun stress-relieving option.  

Founder and CEO Frederik took hold of a dream and made it a reality in just two short years, propelling himself and his business forward to incredible new heights. Truly a self-made entrepreneur, he is set to become one of the youngest millionaires in the world, and he got there on his own by pursuing a dream and an idea to the highest level he knew it was capable of.  

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