After the Einstein Era: A Trending YouTube Video Explains the Origin of the Universe (Theory of Everything) and Its Creator in 30mins, Identifying the Presence of the Next Scientific Genius

Prince Jessii, a young Nigerian visionary, has earned widespread attention for his theoretical physics findings, particularly his “Ultimate Relativity”.

Physicist believe that the general explanation of the universe origin will emerge from the unification of the four fundamental forces (gravity, electromagnetism, the strong and the weak nuclear forces) Perhaps, humans are curious and just want to see a feature or link that connects everything around them leading to the understanding of the universe origin.

This understanding of the universe origin is the message the young visionary has to offer to humans. A 25year old author, visionary, scientist by the name ‘’Prince Jessii’’ released his discoveries about the universe origin from 2019. His discoveries coupled with a released YouTube video is currently getting the attention from many in 2023. However, his theories are the exact understanding humans need.

Prince Jessii theory about the universe origin is called ‘’Ultimate Relativity’’ in Physics and it’s a single theory framework of physics that fully explains and links together all existing things in the universe. Prince Jessii always state that he was born with the knowledge of the universe, revealing that the origin of the universe is based on one value as the Pi value, it further implies that everything in the universe are related in Pi terms/rules with a general feature as the word ‘’circumference’’.

He also revealed that the exact value of Pi is 3.125, this value unlocks all secrets of the universe. The Pi value as ‘’3.125’’ was first discovered by the Babylonians in 2000 BCE. From this value, Prince Jessii was able to reveal the hidden stuffs in physics including the exact values of the physical/fundamental constants in physics. Thus, the general explanation of his theory can be revealed using pictures as shown with a general feature as ‘’circumference’’.

The Pi rules are simply guided by the word ‘’circumference’’ which is the idea behind Pi in formulas for shapes like circle, sphere, oval, ellipse, cylinder etc. Prince Jessii stated ‘’if the universe originates from Pi, masses formed at the creation of the universe will be in Pi shapes, all having a circumference’’. Observing the classical (planets) and the quantum (atom and subatomic particles), it is seen that they obey the Pi rules (rotation, revolution, spins and orbit) and the related masses are all in Pi shapes.

After the classical and quantum which covers everything matter in the universe, the things around humans are next in line for explanation. In vegetation, it is observed that the Pi rules are present. Tree trunks, fruits, seeds, leaves are all in Pi shape.

Also, man and animals reproduce internally or externally, either way must be from an egg. An egg is in a Pi shape, its yolk also. Relating closely to survival of creatures is the cells, the smallest functional unit of an organism is also observed to be in Pi shape.

Observing the universe which originates from Pi means that the observer must obey the rules, the eyes in which humans and animals use to observe the things around them, is in Pi shape.

There are others stated in the video, there are techs made by man which are extraordinary as an opposition to the natural. These techs in the Pi universe will also obey the Pi rules to be extraordinary. Wheels are the idea behind cars, bikes, bicycle etc, propeller is the idea behind helicopters, fan is the idea behind air conditioners etc.

Generally, all things natural are in Pi shapes which is the observational proof of ‘’Ultimate Relativity’’ Check out Prince Jessii’s theory of everything (Ultimate Relativity) to see more revealed secrets of the universe.

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