Boston Startup PierAhead Uses Alternative Data to Give Brands a Competitive Edge on Amazon

PierAhead Helps Brands Monitor Their Amazon Advertising Strategy

Two Massachusetts residents are aiming to disrupt the way companies track Amazon advertising. Matthew Pehl and Eric Howe met during freshman orientation in the summer of 2010 at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, where they both pursued their undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Fast forward 13 years later, Pehl and Howe launched PierAhead, an alternative data company that tracks what companies are advertising on Amazon, referred to as Share of Voice (SOV). Alternative data is defined as data gathered from nontraditional sources.

Share of voice is a marketing metric that measures the frequency a brand is advertising on a retailer website. The platform the duo developed monitors data up to every 15 minutes, allowing brands to see what keywords they need to focus advertising spend on. PierAhead also gives brands the tools to monitor their competition and get a bird’s-eye view of their strategy. Pehl explains that “PierAhead’s data sampling is extensive, precise, and accurate, allowing for unparalleled monitoring. Without Share of Voice, you’re making reactionary decisions without understanding the playing field.”

One executive at a large retail services agency told PierAhead that “Share of Voice is the most important metric that we look at with our clients outside of sales.” For comparison, the Share of Voice that PierAhead developed is 96 times more accurate than the tool currently used by this large company. “This shows how PierAhead’s big data capabilities are setting a new standard for Share of Voice” says Eric Howe, co-founder of PierAhead.

With Amazon Prime Day right around the corner, PierAhead is hoping to help brands monitor their Share of Voice on Amazon. The company is confident that its alternative data will give brands a competitive edge and help them make decisions that will ultimately increase their sales. PierAhead’s vision is to provide a comprehensive toolkit designed to optimize outcomes for brands selling online.

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