What’s the differences between the baby tape diaper & baby pull up diaper

What’s the difference between a baby tape diaper and baby pull up diaper.

For diapers, everyone is more familiar with the traditional paste diaper. The biggest difference between baby tape diaper and baby pants diaper is that they have a different waist design.

Baby tape diaper is a piece that looks a bit like an oversized menstrual towel, and you need to use Velcro to glue the diaper together. Baby diapers can be used from the baby’s birth, because the waist can be adjusted, the baby’s comfort is higher. The disadvantage is when the baby will turn over, move around at any time, and it will be very laborious to change.

baby pull up diaper

The pull-up pants are like briefs, which are specially designed for babies who are active or learn to crawl and walk. With an elastic waistline, it’s as easy as wearing underwear.

The smallest size of baby panty diaper is M (6-10kg), suitable for big babies, because it is easy to wear and take off, the baby can be completed by itself, which can perfectly solve the trouble that the child is not easy to change the diaper. The disadvantage is that the price of pants diaper of the same size is higher than that of diapers.

When baby can switch to the baby pull up diaper ?

Since pull-ups diaper can be worn lying down or standing up, there are no restrictions at all. The price is a little higher, but it is more capacity to hold the urine , when the following situations occur, you can consider replacing the diaper with a pull up diaper

1. The baby will roll over and stand, not willing to lie down, restless, every time you change the diaper is active , always moving, or howling.

baby pants diaper

2.The baby who learns to go to the toilet independently can use the baby pull up diaper as underwear, even if the baby forgets to pee, it only wet the baby pull up diaper , if he remembers to pee, the pull up pants can be as underwear, he can easily wear and take off. Mom just needs reminding.

3.When mom doesn’t want to change diapers at night ,as the baby grows up, it is generally no longer poop at night after one month’s birth , and urine volume will decrease with age. When the mother does not want to change the baby’s diapers at night, it is good to use pull-up pants. Even if the urine volume is large and needs to be changed , the time it takes to change the pull up pants is also very short, and there is no need to worry about not adjusting the baby to a comfortable position

In addition to the above three cases, it can also use baby pull up diaper when occasionally take the baby out, after all, it is simple and convenient to change, and it can also reduce the friction on the skin, convenient for the baby to move, help the baby learn to climb and walk.

For sure,each child’s personality is different, and not all of the active baby must be switch to the baby pull up diaper , When to change the diaper to baby pull up diaper, mainly to see whether the person who changed the diaper to him can withstand the pressure of the diaper costs .

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