A Gripping Crime Mystery Novel by Donna Nitz

A Gripping Crime Mystery Novel by Donna Nitz

FORT COLLINS, Colo. – Author Donna Nitz’s “Six Go Missing” intrigues readers on every page. The book is a crime mystery novel that revolves around a series of missing persons all in one day, that fated Tuesday of October.  

Cold water, Colorado residents’ peaceful lives were upended by a series of missing people in the community. The little town is filled with curiosity and anxiety following the horrible crime with six people vanishing into thin air by an unknown perpetrator. 

The missing persons list grew by the hours which baffled Sheriff Doug Martin.  It begins with a Grandmother scheduled to pick up her grandson. She never arrives. A woman and her baby disappear from their home. Next is a dad and his son. Then a 911 call reports a resident of the home for adults with disabilities failed to return from house sitting, her name is Bea. They all go on the same day. There has to be a connection. But what is it? 

Sheriff Doug Martin forges ahead to find the six individuals despite the skepticism of his superiors, he bravely withstands the uncertainty and forges ahead to find the six missing persons. During the investigation, Martin finds that a mountain town is in danger from the Cameron Peak Forest fire. He worked through smoke and flame to save his town and find the missing, but are they alive? 

With twists and turns at every corner, “Six Go Missing” takes readers on a thrilling journey where the excitement never stops. Readers will surely be on the edge of their seats throughout the entire story, as Martin’s quest leaves readers captivated and wanting more. But that’s not all, as Martin must solve a mystery to find the missing six.  

Join Sheriff Doug Martin and the Cold Water, Colorado community on their incredible journey. Get a copy of, “Six Go Missing” by Donna Nitz on Amazon.  

“Six Go Missing” 

By Donna Nitz 

Kindle | $4.99 

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Hardcover | $14.99 

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About the Author 

I was born and raised on a farm in eastern South Dakota. The land rolled in a flat line around the horizon. I now live in the foothills of Colorado where there is not a single flat line. I began writing as a child in elementary school as a means to impress my peers. Fascinated by history and mystery, that is what I create, historical novels and mysteries. 

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