A Gripping Tale of Murder, Mystery, and Courtroom Drama by Donna Nitz

A Gripping Tale of Murder, Mystery, and Courtroom Drama by Donna Nitz

FORT COLLINS, Colo. – Author Donna Nitz pens a tale of mystery, murder, and intrigue in her book, “The Boss of Me.” In the book, 12 years-old Fletcher Lowein witnessed the murder of his father. Determined not to let her mother get away with murder, he slid a piece of evidence that could destroy her mother, should she plead not guilty to the crime. 

The courtroom drama finds Flecther in a vulnerable state in the aftermath of the crime. A tall, lean man, named Carl, whom he never met walks into the police station and saves Fletcher from his nightmare. Carl takes Fletcher to his farm in South Dakota and introduces him to a family he didn’t know existed. Though his nightmare is over, both his Grandfather wanted him for custody. His Dad’s wealthy father from Washington DC comes to South Dakota to take Fletcher home with him. His Mom’s father also wants Fletcher and will fight for custody. 

“The Boss of Me,” delivers unbeatable courtroom drama without requiring you to report for jury duty. For a year, through the trial and the months following Fletcher comes to terms with what happened. And who committed the crime. Where he wants to live and with whom. 

A tale laced with mystery, danger, and starting a new life, Donna Nitz provides a thrilling adventure through the help of an unlikely hero himself. The book brings readers to intimate knowledge of the law in courtroom scenes and paints a devastating portrait of a family in crisis.  It’s the novel’s twists and turns that will keep you up at night. 

“The Boss of Me” 

By Donna Nitz 

Kindle | $4.99 

Paperback | $8.99 

Hardcover | $14.99 

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About the Author 

I was born and raised on a farm in eastern South Dakota. The land rolled in a flat line around the horizon. I now live in the foothills of Colorado where there is not a single flat line. I began writing as a child in elementary school as a means to impress my peers. Fascinated by history and mystery, that is what I create, historical novels and mysteries. 

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