DNAKE 2-Wire IP Intercom Solutions to Apartment Building Tower 11 in Qatar


The Pearl-Qatar is an artificial island located off the coast of Doha, Qatar, and is known for its luxurious residential apartments, villas, and high-end retail shops. Tower 11 is the only residential tower within its parcel and has the longest driveway that leads to the building. The tower is a testament to modern architecture and offers residents exquisite living spaces with stunning views of the Arabian Gulf and the surrounding area. Tower 11 features an array of amenities including a fitness center, swimming pool, jacuzzi, and 24-hour security. The tower also benefits from its prime location, which allows residents easy access to the island’s many dining, entertainment, and shopping attractions. The tower’s luxurious apartments are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the diverse needs and tastes of its residents. 

Tower 11 was completed in 2012. The building has been utilizing an old intercom system for years, and as technology has advanced, this outdated system is no longer efficient for meeting the needs of the residents or users of the facility. Due to wear and tear, the system has been prone to occasional malfunctions, which have resulted in delays and frustrations when entering the building or communicating with other residents. As a result, an upgrade to a newer system would not only ensure reliability and enhance the user experience, but it would also provide added security to the building by allowing for better monitoring of who enters and leaves the premises. 


Whereas 2-wire systems only facilitate calls between two points, IP platforms connect all intercom units and allow communication across the network. Transitioning to IP provides safety, security, and convenience benefits far beyond basic point-to-point calling. But re-cabling for an all-new network would require substantial time, budget, and labor. Rather than replacing cabling to upgrade intercoms, the 2wire-IP intercom system can leverage current wiring to modernize infrastructure at a lower cost. This optimizes initial investments while transforming capabilities.

DNAKE’s 2wire-IP intercom system was chosen as the replacement for the previous intercom setup, providing an advanced communication platform for 166 apartments.

At the concierge service center, the IP door station 902D-B9 acts as a smart security and communication hub for residents or tenants with benefits for door control, monitoring, management, elevator control connectivity, and more. 

Indoor Monitor

The 7-inch indoor monitor (2-wire version), 290M-S8, was installed in every apartment to enable video communication, unlock doors, view video surveillance, and even trigger emergency alerts at the touch of the screen. For communication, a visitor at the concierge service center initiates a call by pressing the call button on the door station. The indoor monitor rings to alert residents about incoming call. Residents can answer the call, grant access to visitors, and unlock doors using the unlock button. The indoor monitor can incorporate an intercom function, IP camera display, and emergency notification features accessible all through its user-friendly interface.  


DNAKE 2wire-IP intercom system offers features far beyond just fostering direct calls between two intercom devices. Door control, emergency notification, and security camera integration provide value-added benefits for safety, security, and convenience. 

Other benefits of using DNAKE 2wire-IP intercom system include:

• Easy installation: It’s simple to set up with the existing 2-wire cabling, which reduces complexity and costs for installation in both new construction and retrofit applications. 

• Integration with other devices: The intercom system can integrate with other security systems, such as IP cameras or smart home sensors, to manage home security.

• Remote access: Remote control of your intercom system is ideal for managing property access and visitors.

• Cost-effective: The 2wire-IP intercom solution is affordable and allows users to experience modern technology without infrastructure transformation.

• Scalability: The system can easily be expanded to accommodate new entry points or additional capabilities. New doors stationsindoor monitors or other devices can be added without rewiring, allowing the system to upgrade over time.

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