“Now You Tell Me!” – A Guide to Business Success by James L. “Rusty” Meadows II

James L. “Rusty” Meadows II, a seasoned entrepreneur and business expert, has released his highly anticipated book, “Now You Tell Me!” This insightful guide offers valuable advice and wisdom from Meadows’ personal experiences and lessons learned throughout his successful career. This book is a must-read for all those looking to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship.

“Starting a business is hard. Running a business is hard. But if one takes a sufficient amount of time to learn from the experience of others, it may be just a little bit simpler. That’s why I did this. To help others like me look for those things they could do to make the process a little bit easier,” explains James.

“Now You Tell Me!” emphasizes the importance of laying a strong foundation for a business. James advises readers to focus on the market, value proposition, and execution. By ensuring clarity in these areas, entrepreneurs can set themselves up for success and avoid costly mistakes.

The book also emphasizes three critical factors for running a successful business: getting work, doing the work, and getting paid. James highlights the importance of these aspects and encourages readers to prioritize them in their daily operations.

The author also reminds readers to prioritize their most valuable resource: people. He highlights the significance of job descriptions for selecting, evaluating, and managing employees, stressing that clear expectations and performance criteria are crucial for success.

In “Now You Tell Me!,” James shares invaluable advice on problem-solving, emphasizing the importance of staying calm and focused when faced with challenges. He also guides handling legal issues, urging readers to settle disputes and avoid unnecessary conflicts.

The book concludes with James encouraging entrepreneurs to recognize when to move on from a business and celebrate their accomplishments. He advises readers to determine the fair market value of their venture and exit gracefully, allowing them to relish the fruits of their hard work.

James L. “Rusty” Meadows II brings a wealth of experience and expertise to “Now You Tell Me!” His journey from engineering to business and his successes and failures provide readers with practical insights and actionable advice. The book is available on the author’s website and on Amazon in Hardcover and Paperback formats.

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