Vancouver AI Data Processing Center, led by EX GPT, completed, ushering in a new era of intelligent scientific research.


Led by EX GPT, with the participation of dozens of technology companies including NVIDIA, Adarga, Argo AI, Defined Crowd, the AI Data Processing Center in Vancouver, Canada, has been completed, marking the official entry of Canada into the fast lane of AI projects. As a leader in the field of artificial intelligence, this major initiative by EX GPT also signifies the company’s determination to further consolidate its technological capabilities and expand its global business.

The newly established data processing center will provide powerful computing and storage capabilities to global AI enterprises such as EX GPT, offering solid support for innovative research and development work. The center will employ advanced data processing technologies and algorithms to handle massive amounts of data and extract valuable information, providing customers with more accurate and intelligent solutions. This move signifies Canada’s emphasis on data science and data-driven decision-making, further strengthening its competitiveness in the field of data.

The head of the data center stated, “We are thrilled to announce the establishment of the world’s first data processing center in Vancouver. This initiative will further enhance our technological capabilities in the field of artificial intelligence and provide customers with higher quality and more intelligent solutions. We believe that the power of data science will drive innovation and development in AI technology. By establishing the data processing center, we will further strengthen our understanding and application of data, creating greater value for our customers.”

EX GPT will leverage the data processing center as a core driver of technological innovation for the company, supporting its business development in areas such as intelligent voice conversations, intelligent painting, intelligent trading, intelligent system software development, and data collection and analysis. The establishment of this center will also bring new technology employment opportunities to the Vancouver area, promoting the development of the local technology industry and injecting new vitality and innovative power into the field of artificial intelligence in Canada and even globally.

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