Pets Patriot Announces Grand Opening of Its Supplies Store for Furry, Feathery, And Finned Companions

The company celebrates the incredible bond between pets and their human companions with its affordable pet supplies

Relationships are the foundation on which societies are built and thrive. Aside from these human relationships, relationships with animals have provided immense comfort and companionship that rival human relationships. Pets have been appreciated for their loyalty and steadfast love, with their owners going over and beyond to provide for their animal’s needs. 

Pets Patriot is on a mission to enhance the relationship between pets and their parents with products that bring joy and comfort and is pleased to announce the grand opening of its new store. Pets Patriot has etched its name in the pet supplies industry as the company that continues to deliver an exclusive line of premium and ethically sourced products that meet the physical and health needs of different pets at different stages.

Pet toys and accessories, quality food brands, grooming tools, durable leashes, training aids, pet care essentials, and aquarium supplies are some of the products available on the Pets Patriot digital aisles for cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, and any animal in between. The store is also dedicated to improving holistic pet health, as it houses a well-stocked online pharmacy with a rich supply of pet hygiene products. 

Speaking on the store’s opening, a PR spokesperson of Pets Patriot had this to say, “We’re not just in the business of selling pet supplies. We’re in the business of love, care, and respect for our furry friends. Every product we select is a testament to our dedication and commitment to improving the lives of pets and their families.” As proof of its commitment to the well-being of all pets, Pets Patriot is also lending a helping hand to local animal shelters and rescue organizations by donating a portion of its sales to support the matchless work these shelters do in making a difference in the pet world. 

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About Pets Patriot LLC

Pets Patriot LLC was founded by David Bergquist. David is a patriot who loves America just as much as he loves animals. The company maintains a focus on quality over quantity, handpicking each product in its lineup to ensure it meets the highest standards and exceeds the customer’s expectations. With the promise to do the best for its customers, their pets, and the planet, Pets Patriot delivers only eco-friendly and recyclable or renewable pet supplies.

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