Cancun Remains at the Top of the List for Family Summer Vacations

Kid (and parent) approved reasons why a family summer vacation in Cancun is a must for 2023 and beyond.

Known for its sublime beaches, amazing sightseeing, and year-round blue skies, it’s easy to understand why Cancun is pretty much a dream vacation spot. What may come as a surprise however, is that this Mexican Caribbean paradise has rapidly evolved from a spring break haven to one of the top family vacation destinations. 

Cancun definitely still holds its own in the partying department, but the popular destination also has a great reputation for family fun as well. And it’s no wonder, because whether families are looking for a place to relax or seeking adventure, this spectacular beach destination has everything. From refreshing dips to getting up close and personal with exotic sea life, here is a round-up of what visitors can expect:

With options like snorkeling through beautiful coral reefs or testing out surfing skills on the Flowrider® at Moon Palace Cancun, there’s no shortage of fun-filled water activities to keep everyone entertained. And for visitors in search of water parks, they can head to one of the biggest and best at Moon Palace The Grand-Cancun. 

–  Just eight miles and a quick 20-minute boat ride from the coast of Cancun is the dreamy Isla Mujeres (Isle of Women), a tiny Caribbean Island which is approximately 4.3 miles long and less than half a mile wide. Known for its beautiful crushed coral beaches and turquoise blue water, this island is the perfect place for a day trip snorkeling with the kids and chilling out on the beach. And since the island is so compact and easy to navigate, families can get around by foot, rented bicycles or cruising in a golf cart.

–  The shores of Cancun are also a favorite nesting place for 4 different types of sea turtle, including the white, hawksbill, loggerhead, and leatherback species. This is the perfect opportunity for the whole family to learn about the life cycle and nesting habits of these lovely creatures, view protected nests, and even witness the adorable sight of baby turtles as they start their epic journey into the Caribbean Sea. Moon Palace Cancun has a well-established Sea Turtle Conservation Program with turtle-mad experts who will be happy to teach curious visitors everything they want to know. What’s more, they might even get to name a baby turtle.

–  There are a select number of luxury resorts in Cancun which basically include everything in order to keep everyone happy. The best all-inclusive resorts in the destination include a plethora of amenities and activities, such as state-of-the-art gaming lounges and original vacation concepts for kids, such as The Dreamery by Palace Resorts. Multiple dining options are also included to please the whole family, with everything from steak and seafood to Indian and Italian delights. What’s more, the very first restaurant in Cancun created for kids by kids, known as Circus, has just opened its doors and is a huge hit with all ages.

–  To throw a little education into the mix, the location of Cancun enables families to take day trips to some of the many archaeological sites that Mexico has to offer. Not only will they get to marvel at amazing pyramids, they can also learn about Mexico’s culture and history in an interactive and fun way. Whether it’s Chichen Itza (one of the 7 Modern Wonders of the World), Tulum (with the chance to cool off in a beautiful Caribbean cove), or Coba (deep in the rainforest), these ancient archaeological spots are perfect for a day out.

–  For a unique experience in Cancun, visitors will be hard-pressed to find something more refreshing than visiting a cenote (pronounced see-NO-tays) – and with over 6,000 of these limestone sinkholes filled with freshwater, Mexico is just the place to explore them. Perhaps the easiest way to do this is to try a tour to explore these fascinating swimming holes, navigating between stalagmites and stalactites, with life jackets and more provided for the whole family.

–  Last but not last, wherever visitors are from, everyone will love the pool parties, live music, shows and firework displays that mark the 4th of July celebrations held in Cancun. And for those looking for a break from the kids, there are summer pool parties held at places such as the adults-only Unique Day Club, with the option of leaving the little ones in safe hands at the Playroom for fun of their own age.

If 7 reasons were not enough, family vacations in Cancun are made much more accessible to all nowadays, with a range of summer deals at some all-inclusive resorts offering generous savings, free nights, and more when booking a summer stay in Cancun.

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