Foregen Nutra Introduces Sparkletein™: The Revolutionary Clear Vegan Protein

Clear vegan protein has gained considerable traction within the food industry due to the surging number of individuals embracing plant-based diets, driven by concerns for personal well-being and the environment. Extensive research demonstrates that plant-derived proteins contribute to a decreased likelihood of developing cardiovascular ailments and also plays a role in blood sugar regulation, fat metabolism and energy function. Furthermore, an array of vegan protein sources enrich the diet of those adhering to plant-based lifestyles. In response to this growing demand, vegan protein powders have witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity, presenting consumers with a wide range of options. Foregen Nutra’s impeccable vegan protein SparkleteinTM, meticulously crafted from superior plant-based ingredients, offers an exceptional choice for individuals seeking to enhance their dietary protein intake through a plant-based approach.


What is SparkleteinTM?

SparkleteinTM is a kind of clear and juicy-tasting protein, which can be simply blended with water to make a refreshing and light alternative to traditional protein drinks.

Unlike animal source peptides, SparkleteinTM boasts a lighter and more refreshing taste, without the stickiness of clear whey protein or the gritty texture and bitterness often associated with plant protein powders. With a range of options including SparkleteinTM Rice, known for its gluten-free and hypoallergenic properties, as well as SparkleteinTM Pea, which offers a light color and exceptional flavor, and other variants like mung, soy, and maize, SparkleteinTM provides a diverse selection to meet various dietary needs.

Why choose SparkleteinTM?

High absorbability and bioavailability

It serves as a quick supplement for nitrogen sources in the body due to its easily absorbed properties. The transportation of peptides occurs independently of the systems responsible for transporting free amino acids, resulting in rapid absorption. Moreover, there is no competition or inhibition during the transport process between different types of peptides, making SparkleteinTM highly efficient.

Wide applications of SparkleteinTM

The versatility of SparkleteinTM extends to its wide range of applications. From beverages and ready-to-drink options to protein bars, shakes, powder blends, baby food, and functional foods, SparkleteinTM caters to a multitude of consumer preferences. Whether as a pre-workout or post-workout supplement suitable for athletes and fitness enthusiasts at any level, or as a nutritional powder for immunity, antioxidant support, and glucose control, SparkleteinTM delivers exceptional results.

Notable advantages of SparkleteinTM include its outstanding peptide content, with over 90% purity, and low molecular weight (95% less than 2000 Da), ensuring optimal absorption and utilization. The protein demonstrates excellent solubility, clarity, and limited bitterness, making it a pleasure to consume. SparkleteinTM boasts an excellent amino acid profile and produces a dense and fine foam when used in applications such as beverages.

Functionally, SparkleteinTM offers a range of benefits. It supports healthy blood glucose levels, exhibits inhibitory effects against DPP-IV activities, protects against diet-induced obesity, and showcases potent antioxidant activities. Furthermore, SparkleteinTM possesses anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating properties, making it an ideal choice for those seeking overall wellness and vitality. Lastly, it demonstrates an anti-fatigue effect and supports athletic performance. SparkleteinTM hydrolyzed protein can be easily and quickly absorbed, and used as a nitrogen replenishment agent, which is able to repair muscle, eliminate sports fatigue and then improve exercise ability.

About Foregen Nutra:

Foregen Nutra, holds exclusive manufacturing rights to several ingredients. As a leading biotech corporation, it dominates the global market with the largest share of beta-alanine. Throughout the years, Foregen has been consistently engaged in groundbreaking research on a wide range of ingredients across various categories. Some notable examples include:

Almond Protein Powder: A 100% plant-based vegan protein derived from nutrient-dense almonds, known for their muscle-building properties. Packed with essential nutrients, it offers benefits like blood sugar regulation, blood pressure reduction, cholesterol management, appetite suppression, and weight loss support.

Collagen: Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, acting as a fundamental building block for various tissues such as skin, bones, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. It provides structural support, elasticity, and strength to these tissues, contributing to their overall function and integrity. Foregen’s offerings include Bovine Collagen Peptide (Brown Source), Bovine Collagen Peptide (Cowhide Source), Chicken Collagen Peptide and Marine Collagen Peptide.

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