Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd’s Commitment to Sustainable Mining: Joint Venture for High-Quality Limestone Extraction in Thailand’s Lampand Province

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd, an experienced player in international projects, is embarking on a joint venture with a prominent local firm in Thailand’s Lampand province to develop and extract limestone. Over the past 25 years, Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd has successfully executed many significant projects in mining and quarrying, renewable energy, solar energy, large construction equipment, airport security systems, drone countermeasures and protection systems.

The company is committed to following all environmental standards and prioritizes energy-saving and clean technologies. It has always been Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd’s motto to preserve and protect nature for the benefit of future generations.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd’s participation in the limestone extraction and processing project will generate new employment opportunities for the local community in the Lampand province. The industry and infrastructure will expand, and there will be other economic benefits. The use of global experience in limestone extraction and processing will enhance the quality and purity of the product, enabling it to be sold with the required stable parameters for chemical, medical, food, and livestock industries.

The versatility of limestone in various industrial sectors, including construction, road construction, medicine, chemical industry, animal feed additives, and the food industry, is well-known. For most limestone applications, high product purity and precise compliance with required parameters, as well as stability of parameters and product quality, are essential. Quality stability can only be achieved by using modern methods of extraction, sorting, testing, processing, storage, delivery, and packaging of limestone products.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd has extensive and excellent experience in using, applying, and creating quality laboratories and local chemical laboratories for other mining and quarrying projects. These laboratories continuously monitor the extracted rock and help sort it for various applications.

Effective limestone mining requires knowledge and application of heavy mining specialized equipment, mining combines, and other equipment for crushing and transporting rocks. The company has extensive experience in using and applying specialized mining equipment from well-known global manufacturers, which simplifies the work of service personnel and increases the volumes and quality of the extracted rock.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd values its employees and their contribution to the company’s overall business. The company provides necessary training to staff in working with modern mining equipment. High-class specialists are the company’s pride, and working with people is also one of their priorities in running Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd’s business.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd encourages all new proposals from colleagues for joint expansion or joint business management in the field of mining, including limestone mining. The company is willing to share its experience and expertise with colleagues in joint projects for the benefit and development of their native places.

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