Orlando Cup: Florida’s Premier International Soccer Tournament Destination for Youth Teams

Set to kick off its 2nd edition from January 5th-7th, 2024, the Orlando Cup pledges to deliver more than just a soccer tournament. Combining a vibrant atmosphere with exciting sports action, the tournament aims to establish Orlando as the ultimate blend of fun and athletic destination for youth teams coming from all over the world.


With the 2nd edition of the Orlando Cup on the horizon, from January 5th-7th, 2024, this event is more than just a soccer tournament. It’s a total youth sporting experience that fuses thrilling on-field action with the vibrant, fun-filled atmosphere of Orlando, one of the world’s most sought-after travel destinations.

The mastermind behind this ambitious undertaking is Thiago Barreira, a Brazilian sports marketing guru with more than nine years of experience in the field. Thiago’s extensive resume includes representing world-class athletes such as Andressinha and Camilinha, both shining stars of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), and signing high-profile endorsement contracts with brands like Nike, Adidas, Guarana, Powerade, and etc.

“The Orlando Cup is about so much more than just soccer. We aim to promote holistic development for these young athletes, providing a platform to showcase their talent, while also offering an opportunity to learn, grow, and immerse themselves in a new culture,” says Thiago. “Orlando is not only a global hub for soccer but also a nexus where fun, sports, and cultural exchange integrate.”

U17 Soccer Match at Orlando Cup 2023: RPS v United FC Bulldogs

Situated in the heart of Florida, Orlando is famous for its thrilling theme parks, sunny weather, and vibrant nightlife. As part of the Orlando Cup event, in partnership with Experience Kissimmee, athletes, parents, and families will gain exclusive access to parks and attractions at special discounted rates, making this event a perfect blend of sport and vacation.

SeaWorld Icebreaker RollerCoaster

This year’s inaugural tournament was a resounding success, laying a strong foundation for the Orlando Cup to emerge as a flagship event on the international youth soccer calendar. Participating teams can anticipate not just intense competition but also a wide range of activities to elevate their experience.

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“We are committed to these young athletes, offering them an unforgettable experience that transcends the soccer field,” Thiago adds. “It’s not just about honing talent; we’re providing opportunities for cultural exchange, personal growth, and, of course, fun.”

Preparations are well underway for what promises to be an exciting second edition of the Orlando Cup. Teams from all corners of the globe are signing up, eager to participate in this unique, transformative sporting experience. “We are expecting 20 international teams coming from Colombia, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and Canada, from U9 to U19, boys & girls,” Thiago adds.

Caribe SC: Puerto Rico team Bronze Medal

For those interested in participating or attending, visit the official Orlando Cup website www.orlandosoccercup.com for more information. Join us in January for another exciting year of youth soccer, and discover why Orlando is becoming the ultimate fun and athletic destination.

About Orlando Cup:

The Orlando Cup is an international youth soccer tournament that provides a unique sporting and cultural experience for teams worldwide. The tournament focuses on competitive soccer and fun off-the-field activities in partnership with Experience Kissimmee. Thiago Barreira, a renowned sports marketing expert, organizes the Orlando Cup, creating an event that promotes talent, cultural exchange, and a love for the game.

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