Urelocation Facilitates Successful Relocation of first 10 IT Professionals from India to the UK

London – Jun 27, 2023 – Urelocation, a leading relocation assistance company, is delighted to announce a significant milestone in its expansion efforts. Since its launch in India in September 2022, Urelocation has successfully helped the first ten talented IT professionals relocate from India to the United Kingdom through the Global Talent visa (GTV) program.

Urelocation has been operating in Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) since 2019, specialising in providing comprehensive support to bright IT professionals seeking to relocate to the United Kingdom. By leveraging its expertise and extensive network, Urelocation assists individuals in navigating the complex process of obtaining the Global Talent visa, which is designed specifically for highly skilled individuals.

The company takes immense pride in its exceptional track record, with a success rate of over 90% in securing GTV approvals for its clients. This achievement is a testament to Urelocation’s commitment to excellence and dedication to providing top-notch immigration assistance services.

Recognizing the vast potential of the Indian market and the wealth of IT talent it possesses, Urelocation expanded its services to India in September 2022. The company’s decision to establish a presence in India has proven fruitful, as evidenced by the successful relocation of the first ten IT professionals to the United Kingdom.

“The successful relocation of the first ten talents from India marks a significant milestone for Urelocation. It highlights our commitment to connecting exceptional IT professionals with opportunities in the United Kingdom,” said Anthony Connor, head of Urelocation branch in Pune. “We firmly believe in the power of Global Talent and are proud to have played a role in facilitating these individuals’ journey to England.”

Urelocation’s comprehensive approach to immigration assistance sets it apart from other relocation companies. Prior to engaging with Urelocation, prospective candidates are required to take a scoring test available on urelocation.pro website. This test helps assess whether candidates meet the eligibility criteria for the Global Talent visa program, ensuring that Urelocation focuses its efforts on those who have the highest probability of success.

As Urelocation continues to expand its presence in India, the company remains committed to providing exceptional support and personalised guidance to talented tech professionals seeking to relocate to the United Kingdom.

For more information about Urelocation and its services, please visit https://urelocation.pro or contact Talent acquisition at +44 78 9701 3152.

About Urelocation:

Urelocation is a leading relocation assistance company that specialises in helping bright IT professionals relocate to the United Kingdom through the Global Talent visa program. With a success rate of over 96% in GTV approvals, Urelocation provides comprehensive immigration assistance services to individuals in Europe, the CIS, India and beyond. Through its tailored approach and expertise, Urelocation aims to connect exceptional talent with opportunities they seek in the United Kingdom.

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